Introducing the Fundy Breeze Shawl

I can remember clearly – on June 17th, Elizabeth Miller at Good Fibrations showed me some amazing yarns that she had just dyed, and I knew they would make the ideal combination of yarns and colours for designing a new shawl pattern. First of all, I couldn’t resist the lush Kelly green kid mohair and silk, and as we discussed what would go nicely with it, we agreed that a lovely merino/bamboo/nylon dyed in some complimentary colours would go very well together. By the end of the day, I had dropped by the shop to collect the still wet freshly-dyed yarns and I immediately cast on to see how they would look together.

After a quick test swatch, I knew exactly what I wanted to create. I took my time getting started as I wanted to figure out the cleanest and easiest combinations of increases and decreases to start the shawl. I had in mind a pattern that would slowly grow in design and create a beautifully draping asymmetrical shawl that could either be worn over the shoulders or around the neck. I also wanted the pattern to be simple and repetitive enough that it wouldn’t be intimidating to new knitters. (It looks more complicated than it is.)

I knew I had a little over 400 yards to work with, so I also made sure to design it with enough left-over yarn that playing “yarn chicken” would not be necessary.

As I worked on this pattern, New Brunswick has seen a bit of a heat wave, and I have been thankful every day for the refreshing natural air conditioning of the breezes that we get off the Bay of Fundy. Yes we have also had a lot of fog, but I actually enjoy watching it literally roll in. This welcome breeze from the Bay of Fundy is the inspiration for this shawl. The combination of fibres really makes for a lovely drape and sheen (and fuzzy halo)!

I will be posting this pattern on Ravelry very soon. In the mean time, you can pre-order a kit (yarns plus the pattern) from Good Fibrations. You’ll love how soft and lovely these yarns are that Elizabeth is specially dying for this kit! Besides, by purchasing the kit through her store, you are helping support a valuable local small business right here in the Maritimes.

I really cannot wait to share this pattern with you and I can’t wait to see your versions! (We are just on the final round of tech editing and then it’ll be good to go!)

Coming soon:

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