NYC – Day 1

Kizzy & I arrived early in the morning (after an early flight from Bangor) and once we dropped our luggage at our hotel, we started walking. We window-shopped 5th Avenue down to the Library and popped in to take a quick tour. If you ever make it to NYC, it’s worth taking a few minutes to explore the beauty of the library.

NYC Public Library: Reading Room on the 3rd floor

We also breifly checked out St. Patrick’s Cathedral before continuing down 5th Avenue to the Empire State Building. By that point, I was getting massive blisters from the shoes I was wearing, so we started looking for some flip-flops for me. After a fair amount of shopping, we finally found some at Macy’s. $13 for a pair of discounted yet fancy Nine West wedge flip-flops. After that, we had a quick & delicious lunch at the café in the basement of Macy’s (mmm… delicious turkey burger!) and then walked back up through Times Square, stopped at a wine shop, and returned to our hotel for a wee break. We treated ourselves to some champage in our room and then headed to the rooftop pool to cool off. It was 37ºC so the pool was a refreshing treat! (I checked it out and we’d walked 48 blocks that day!)

Photo courtesy of Kizzy Kaye

That was a much needed refreshing break before heading back out. We treated ourselves to a couple of cocktails in the hotel lounge and then went to see The 39 Steps, which was just amazing! Smart, funny, and well-choreographed. The play is a parody based on the Alfred Hitchcock film and the four actors play about 140 characters. If you ever get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it!

Reading, LEGO gaming, Marco Polo Auditions

I finally finished “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen. What a great read. It was our book club pick from a couple of months ago and I had left things to late to read it before we met up. It’s worth picking up and reading – a well written story that was quite interesting and entertaining. It even made me laugh out loud a few times. I guess they are making a movie based on the book – starring Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon. I hope they do a good job of it.

I also picked up and read our latest book club pick, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larson. It took a bit to get into, with all of the Swedish names and places, but it turned out to be a real page-turner. I burned through it in a few short evenings and it’s a pretty sizable read. I guess they have made a movie about it that was released on DVD this week. I know they are also planning on filming another version of it starring Daniel Craig that’s set for release in 2012. I’ll likely watch both versions. Now if you’ve read this book, then I highly recommend checking out Nora Ephron’s hilarous spoof in The New Yorker:

I haven’t been knitting much lately. Instead, I got sucked into playing LEGO Harry Potter on the Xbox 360, among a variety of other games. As for what knitting I have been doing, I’ve ever so slowly been picking away at a variety of unfinished projects. Slowly but surely… tonight I did get a few rows of knitting done while I helped to facilitate the auditions for “Marco Polo – The Musical” (which will be at Harbour Station in October). I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well. Hopefully we’ll get a decent turnout despite the possibly rainy weather.

The Necklace of Gaudiness (+2)

Brenda’s mom started this and I decorated it. It was for Scott Thomas’s character Roger (the very gay director) in SJTC’s “The Producers”. I tried to make it Scott-sized and as glittery and gaudy as possible. The “plus two” is a D&D reference – referring to extra dice rolls needed as a saving throw to ward against being stunned by the incredible gaudiness of it.

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers



Happy New Years!

It’s a pleasantly quiet start to 2010. I don’t know where the last decade went though. It seems like it just flew by.

I stage managed Crimes of the Heart, and went directly from that to acting in One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest, had a foggy summer that somehow flew by, and then Stage Managed Jekyll & Hyde. I need a bit of a break from theatre now. I think I got a little burnt out after the last show. Its not easy doing the full-time day job and stage managing.

In 2009 I also gave World of Warcraft a try, and through it I was able to reconnect with a couple of friends who have moved away who play. I also made my wayy through a handfull of games for the xbox360, most recently DragonAge and Assassin’s Creed 2.

I have been doing a lot of knitting. No doubt that will continue in the new year. There are a lot of projects that I want to get done.

Oh yeah – my community garden plot! That was a fun new project last summer. I’ve renewed the lease to my plot and am already thinking about what I’ll plant in it next year. The radishes, snap peas, beets, lettuce and catnip were very successful so no doubt they’ll be back. I’m not sure if I’ll try tomatoes again, although I might give spaghetti squash another go. I love the smell of the freshly-tilled earth. Only 4 more months of cold weather to get through first.

I didn’t get as much hiking done as I would have liked to this year. It’s tough when you can only really do big hikes on the weekends, and I think we had rain almost every weekend last summer. At least I managed to get out for regular runs at the Irving Nature Park. What better way to get a little exercise than going for a jog along a trail on a cliff next to the ocean (with a high chance of seeing deer/fox/porcuipines)?

Anyway, here’s to hoping 2010 will be a fantastic year for everyone!

A Blogging Hiatus

I was busy Stage Managing Jekyll & Hyde and since then I jsut haven’t been online outside of work much. My apologies for the slackness. I will try to get back to a regular schedule.

A Busy October

It has been a month full of rehearsals. I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Saint John because we had rehearsals that weekend. Thanks to great friends, I had a lovely quiet birthday and thanksgiving.

Last week, I traded in some Jekyll & Hyde rehearsals for doing makeup for Cleopatra. Now that that is done, I can go back to focusing on J&H.

I’ve been knitting lots. Trying to get some Christmas gifts done, and wanting to complete a few items of my own. I can only work on simple items while in rehearsal – so I finished a sweater that I’d started a while ago…

Work/Rehearse/Knit/Sleep. Repeat.

Rehearsals for Jekyll & Hyde have started, and they have started with a bang. We actually have a limited amount fo time and it’s a fairly complex script. The way the play is structured, there is one actor who plays Jekyll and one who plays Elizabeth, and then there are four other actors who share the remaining 18 parts. These other four actors also each play a version of Hyde. I really like the script and can’t wait to see this show come together!

Earlier this year I’d promised 5 friends on Facebook (the first 5 that responded to a note I posted) that I’d make something handmade for them within the calendar year. I’ve finished and sent 3 of the items (a cowl for Mare, pink beret for Andrea Cry, and Koolhaas hat for Vince, and I have two more gifts left to do. I’d started a neat purple hat for one of them but it’s just not working out, so i’m going to make another cowl instead.

I’m also trying to finish a couple of paintings that I’d promised as 2008 Christmas gifts for Jay & Lisa Miller. They are taking to much longer than I’d hoped, but at least I’m working on them fairly regularly.

So, things are busy but at least I’m getting stuff done.

This Autumn will fly by

So I’ve agreed to Stage Manage Jekyll & Hyde (at the Imperial Theatre November 19 – 21) and Graham is directing, so it should be a pretty fun ride. Unfortunately, it means that my free time is now limited, and I’ve had to postpone plans to make the elaborate and detailed version of the Queen Narissa from Enchanted costume that I wanted to make for myself for Halloween.

I’m trying to do my best to complete some long-standing unfinished projects as well. I have another 18 – 20 hours of knitting to do to finish the entrelac wrap that I’m making for my Aunt Jessie, and then I’ll need to send a few evenings weaving all of the ends in. I have unfinished paintings for Jay and Lisa that were meant to be 2008 Christmas gifts, and I have 3 more hand-crafted items to make that I have promised to friends within the calendar year.

So I spent the bulk of my weekend knitting (which I can at least do while hanging with friends and watching movies) and my Sunday evening prepping my Stage Manager’s script and getting some other things started as I begin to prepare for auditions and then rehearsals.

Cuckoo’s Nest snapshots

It was a treat to see Richard Roy bring “Cheswick” to life!

Hanging with Vince Gregg, who I also work with. I enjoyed flinging my coat his way on stage!

It was a treat to get onstage with both Jay and Lisa Miller. Wish I’d managed to get a photo with Lisa too.

Brian Jennings, who played mental patient “Martini” does my taxes!

I got to be in a show with Irwin Hornick…

Mare as “Nurse O’Hare” – or as I liked to call her, “Sparky O’Zaps-a-lot” detangling a skein of yarn backstage:

Hanging with Jo-Anne MacDonald, who was Nurse Ratched…

Cue-to-Cue & A New Window

It’s usually the longest and most painful rehearsal of the entire production, but last night went quite well. Of course it may have helped that we got to enjoy Victoria Day holiday and rested up a bit for the full evening.

I woke up this morning to a call from my landlord’s office. They are finally looking at replacing my bedroom window (which leaks when it rains and when the wind comes from the south.) It seems as though the leak may be a bit more complicated than I thought, as my neighbor above me also needs her window replaced. It seems as though they are both – uh, disintegrating a bit. My only concern is that I may no longer be able to use my stained glass panels on the new windows. I designed two of them to cover the bottom frames, and my dad made them for me. They do a wonderful job allowing privacy while letting light (and color) into the room.