When Patrick Toner called last Christmas and asked if I’d consider acting in an Irish play, I thought it would be a fun chance to get back on stage. I read the script and really enjoyed it so I agreed to do it. Bailegangaire is a three-person play featuring a grandmother who has Alzheimers, and two granddaughters trying to care for her. The granddaughters, Dolly and Mary, are a bit like oil and water. I’m playing Dolly, who is quite a vibrant character. I realized it’s been about 5 years since I’ve been on stage. Where does the time go? That last show that I was in was One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with the Saint John Theatre Company.

It has been a great opportunity to reconnect and work with Lindsay Bell, as well as meet and work with Mary Stilwell. What wonderful ladies to work with! I am certainly thankful for the friendships formed while trying to tackle an admittedly challenging script.

I knew Patrick from my early days involved with the SJTC. He has since  started the An Amharclann Theatre Company, which produces at least one Irish play per year. They sometimes take their shows to the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival. This year, the festival will be hosted by Irish Theatre of Florida and is being held at the Arts Garage  in Del Ray Beach, Florida. Before we take it to Del Ray, however, we will be performing it at the Sanctuary Theatre in Saint John – opening tonight and running for 3 evenings.

Set Design for “A Christmas Carol”

In August, Scott Thomas asked if I’d help with the set design for “A Christmas Carol”.  He’s directing it for the Saint John Theatre Company and it will be performed at the Imperial Theatre November 17 – 19, 2011. He was looking for a set that  brought the story closer to the audience, and that could be used for both indoor and outdoor scenes. I know that there will be a few minor adjustments, but here is what I gave them to start with. The maquette is 1/2″ to 1′. I am looking forward to seeing the show!

Set Design Maquette for "A Christmas Carol" November 2011

Set Design Maquette for "A Christmas Carol" November 2011

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Rocky Horror

Thanks to Sandra, Beth, and Colin for a fun night out at Rocky Horror. It was a fun show!

Beth, myself, Sandra & Colin at Rocky Horror
Beth, myself, Sandra & Colin at Rocky Horror

In Memory of Jamie Williams

Jamie would have turned 50 this year. As a celebration of his memory, Kizzy put together a Comedy Benefit show. It was a great evening – a lot of laughs and some great friends. Jamie would have loved it. Below is a photo that I snapped while we were setting this up – Kizzy is putting the finishing touches on Jamie’s memory wall, which featured his “Shakey Evidence” costume.

Autobahn – A Play That I’m Directing

Autobahn, written by Neil Labute, is a collection of seven one-act plays set within the confines of the front seat of a vehicle. Each of these seven vignettes explores the ethos of perception and relationships.



 A woman (who doesn’t say a word) driving her daughter home from rehab.
Cast: young woman, older woman

bench seat

  A make-out session gone awry.
Cast: guy and girl – he’s a university teaching assistant, while she works at WalMart, so early 20’s

all apologies

  A husband apologizing to his wife (who doesn’t say a word).
Cast: husband and wife


  A wife feels the need to explain her recent business trip infidelity to her husband.
Cast: husband and wife

long division

 A man trying to convince his friend to get his gaming console back from his ex-girlfriend. (the friend does not speak)
Cast: 2 men

road trip

 A kidnapping thinly disguised as a road trip.
Cast: 1 man, 1 young teen – male or female


 A couple that had been foster parents to a troubled kid. (The woman does all of the talking).
Cast: 1 man, 1 woman

Marco Polo – The Musical

All that work… the last two months have been pretty intensive as we worked to bring this musical to life. We’d never done such a large show, and at Harbour Station it was a technical feat. Thank goodness for having great teams of people working on it. Kudos to everyone who worked on it. It was tiring but worth it. A good learning experience, a great group of folks, and fantastic music (written by Mark Blagrave, composed by Richard Kidd, and brought to life by Antonio Delgatio and the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, as well as the Saint John High School Choir and the Rothesay Netherwood Choir, and our cast of 32 SJTC folks, not to mention the huge crew of SJTC volunteers, as well as all of the technicians that worked with us to make this happen.)

Another Marco Polo Set Piece

Thankfully I had some great help with set painting from Tim & Lynda & Sally & Sally’s boyfriend. We got the wails and wooden setpieces painted in a couple of evenings (in between rehearsals on the weekend), and then during rehearsal on Monday, I got the ship’s agent’s sign done. It’s been a busy week…

Thanksgiving & “ship building/deconstruction”

We needed a toy ship that could be featured in the show that looked as though a young girl from the 1880′s would play with it, but would also represent the Marco Polo clipper ship better than a sailboat. I found this display version of a Spanish Armada ship at a local used book store for $10, and I took it home and pried all f the plastic bits off, took it apart, sanded it down and then put it back together. That was my Thanksgiving Monday.

Marco Polo – the Musical: Rehearsals

As soon as I got back from my trip, my evenings and weekends have been devoted to working on the show. I’m Assistant Directing it, and until we get a Stage Manager, I’m filling in with that as well. We were all pretty pumped once we got a chance to rehearse the music with the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra…

NYC – Day 4

We started our day with a walk through the 79th Street Transverse in Central Park, where we checked out some very scenic & recognizable spots.

Bethesda Fountain – as seen in the movie “Enchanted” (among numerous other films).

A bridge with a scenic view. Also in a ton of films.

The Hans Christian Anderson Statue is quite large.

After that, we headed over to Park Avenue & Lexington to grab a Subway to head to Times Square where we stood in line at the TKTS booth to get standby tickets to see the Matinee viewing of “Memphis” at the Schubert Theatre. No wonder it won a bunch of Tony’s this year – it’s a great show! We did have a bit of time to kill before the show to have a laugh at Madame Tussauds and then grab a bit of lunch at a nearby Irish pub.

In line at TKTS in Times Square.

Lots of great cheesy fun at Madame Tussauds.


Memphis at the Schubert. Photo courtesy of Kizzy Kaye.

We got out of Memphis and headed straight back to the TKTS line to get an ticket to see another show that evening. We then had a fantastic dinner at Brasserie, and then headed back to the theatre district to see “La Cage Aux Folles,” starring Kelsey Grammer. It was very enjoyable, although the seats were pretty scrunched & I was a little overtired.