Completed Girasol Circular Shawl

The Girasol pattern by Jared Flood was something I’d wanted to do for a long while, and it felt great to complete it. Grace and Hunter tried to claim it as soon asi I put it down to photograph it…

Daybreak Shawl (for the office)

I finished this a few weeks ago and have gotten a lot of use out of it already, but I hadn’t gotten around to getting a photo of it. The pattern is called Daybreak and it’s by Stephen West. I made the large size but I knit loosely and ran out of gray yarn on the border, so I wound up with a narrower border than the pattern called for though I’m happy with it as it is. :-)

Sunday – a day of knitting

Since it was foggy and cool in town, and since I was a wee bit tuckered from a late night while the neighbors had their courtyard party, I opted to have a quiet day at home and get some knitting done. I’ve made a bit of progress on my Girasol, which I started months ago, and I finished the back to the floral cardigan. I’ve also started this small scarf, which is made with a strand of thread-weight merino and a strand of lace & steel.

The pattern can be found here on the Habu textiles website.

Grey Silk Habu

I‘d picked up this yarn last autumn when I was at the Cricket Cove in Black’s Harbour, and I’ve been looking forward to using it. I settled on the Juno Regina stole from It’s a beautiful & affordable ($18 for 400 yards) silk laceweight yarn that has a lovely tweedy texture to it.

I had been waiting to finish some larger projects, but last night I decided to start it, even though I have plenty of other projects on the go…

Bridgewater Shawl

I had started this laceweight shawl back in October. I could work on the pleasingly repetitve garter stitch central squaree before bed and it went rather quickly. By Christmas, I decided to revisit it and wondered if I could finish it over the holidays. I wound up completing this the evening after I returned to work in January. the whole thing is almost 1800 yards and it took me around 130 hours to complete. I love it. It’s light yet warm and I wear it at the office every day. Thanks to Jared Flood for this Elizabeth Zimmerman-inspired Shetland Shawl design!

I had to make a point of stopping home at lunch so that I could get a few photos of it with natural lighting…

Here’s Grace, who managed to wrestle the shawl from my grasp and wrap herself in it…

Of course, Hunter needed to investigate as well…

The rest of these photos were taken by Mare at the Lily Lake Pavillion at Rockwood Park in Saint John (which is a great little pub/restaurant if you haven’t been there yet.)

Starting Girasol – a large circular shawl

Mmmm… rust-coloured Malabrigo Sock yarn. I think the colorway is called Bottecelli Red. It’s a 3ply (light fingering weight) yarn that’s a delight to work with. The pattern can be found at Brooklyn Tweed’s blog

Keeping Warm: Simple Things Shawl

I found this wonder yarn by Fleece Artist (Merino 2/6) and loved the colorway. I’m normally not terribly fond of variegated yarns, as they tend to mask cables and lacework, which I tend to do a fair amount of, so when I came across this simple pattern, I thought it would be ideal for showing the yarn off. It’s very warm and I get a lot of use out of it.

Aunt Jessie’s Entrelac Wrap

Finally finished & sent! Aunt Jessie will be receiving this soon. I’d wanted to try entrelac, and since she had mentioned that it would be nice to have a wrap to keep her warm on chilly days at the office, I went on the hunt for some yarn that would be suitable. Sure enough, the Estelle Cadenza would be nice and warm with 80% merino wool and 20% silk, and the colors were nice vibrant jewel tones that just begged to be made for Jessie. Of course, it’s fingering weight yarn, so it took something like 1500 yards of yarn and about 120 hours of knitting (over a number of months) but I finally managed to complete it!