Completed Knits for the Neck

I‘ve been working on these primarily during D&D games, or while waiting (in line for groceries, at the dentist/doctor’s, etc.)  Eventually I’ll get around to blocking Herbivore (pattern by Stephen West can be found here) but it’s even wearable now…

Herbivore shawlette


Once I finished knitting herbivore, I returned to a fun yarn that I’ve had for a while. I thought it would suit a crosshatch stitch that I’d used in a previous pattern, but I made a number of modifications so that it became the following cowl:

Crosshatch Neckwarmer

Crosshatch Neckwarmer

Sunday – a day of knitting

Since it was foggy and cool in town, and since I was a wee bit tuckered from a late night while the neighbors had their courtyard party, I opted to have a quiet day at home and get some knitting done. I’ve made a bit of progress on my Girasol, which I started months ago, and I finished the back to the floral cardigan. I’ve also started this small scarf, which is made with a strand of thread-weight merino and a strand of lace & steel.

The pattern can be found here on the Habu textiles website.

The Gray Silk Scarf

Last year I picked up some lovely Habu Textiles A-1 2/17 Tsumugi Silk and I found a great pattern for it…

Grey Silk Habu

I‘d picked up this yarn last autumn when I was at the Cricket Cove in Black’s Harbour, and I’ve been looking forward to using it. I settled on the Juno Regina stole from It’s a beautiful & affordable ($18 for 400 yards) silk laceweight yarn that has a lovely tweedy texture to it.

I had been waiting to finish some larger projects, but last night I decided to start it, even though I have plenty of other projects on the go…

Christmas Knitting: Haven scarf for Lisa

This one was fun to knit – so soft and warm (mmmm… alpaca!) but unfortunately sheds like crazy on her black coat.

Christmas Knitting: Noro Striped Scarf for Jay

This one was fun to knit. I had to order the yarn online so I could find masculine enough colors for Jay. If you want the pattern, you can find it in Jared Flood’s blog.

Angel scarf

Handmaiden Fine Yarns makes and sells this great combo of silk rumple and fine mohair that you can knit together, and this was one of the patterns that came with it…

Crosshatch Neck Warmer

I finally took the time to sew the buttons on to the neck warmer that I’d finished a couple of weeks ago and blocked last week. I’m so happy with it! It’s super soft and warm! I made it from Malabrigo 100% Merino Wool, and the pattern is from 101 Small Indulgences – Luxury Yarn One-skein Wonders.



Been busy with rehearsals

I finished a basic little blue scarf that I’d been knitting during rehearsals.

Otherwise things have been relatively quiet. It was a nice treat to have dinner at Sense of Tokyo last Friday with Jay & Lisa and a few of their friends, and it was nice to get out and socialize with the cast and crew after the last few rehearsals.

I’m now back in savings mode as I do the number crunching for plans for a vacation in 18 months. If I start saving now, I should be able to take the trip without racking things up on my credit card, which I’ve just paid off.

I finished knitting my orange scarf!

I am very happy with it. It’s made out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (Cashmere + Merino Wool) so it’s super warm and super soft!