Pottery Class: Green Mug

Green Mug

Green Mug 2

Green Mug 2

Pottery Class: bird tumbler

Pottery Class: tub bowl

Pottery Class: flower bowl

Pottery Class: small black bowl

Pottery Class

We learned how to do plates tonight but I opted to do a couple of bowls instead. My first one took me a while since I wanted to make something that I’d actually want to use. I had about 40 minutes left so I made a second bowl. I decided to stick with a bit of an organic theme and made wavy edges, etc.

Pottery Class: a bowl

We learned how to make a bowl by draping a sheet of clay over a form and then modifying it. I was hoping for one of the round forms, but I wound up with the one that looked like half of a log cake. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it, and while I like some of it’s elements (the feet and the texture on the sides,) it doesn’t thrill me. Perhaps I’ll like it more once it’s glazed. At this point, I think it looks like a bathtub.

Pottery Class Mug

I‘ve really been enjoying this hand-building pottery class (taught at the Saint John Arts Centre by Darren Emenau) that I’ve been taking, but it’s almost torture only being able to do things once a week. By the time we’ve had an hour of instruction, we only have two hours to build our items. Today we made mugs. I’m pretty happy with mine and I hope it turns out. I had planned to add some designs to it after I put it together, but once I got it done, I liked it the way it was. I guess we’re to expect about 13% shrinkage by the time it’s done, so it’ll be neat to see how it comes out.