Rainbows & Cats

Good news: I don’t need a new set of winter tires this year. Whew. In the mean time, I’m enjoying the relatively warm weather that we’ve been getting. I even saw a hint of a rainbow today…

See the hint of a rainbow?

See the hint of a rainbow?


Hunter requests my attention

Hunter requests my attention. Must go!

Mouse Graveyard

As I was doing my dishes, and putting things away, one of my pizza pans slipped past the drawer under the stove. I pulled it out to discover the resting place of many cat toys…

Grace’s turn to be adorable

I love heading home to visit my cats at lunch! They appreciate the company and it actually makes them more affectionate in the evenings. Grace will usually get up to greet me at the door, while Hunter just waits for me to find him in a patch of sunlight. He loves recharging his solar batteries. Here is Grace saying hello:

Grace Arbour

Hunter being cute

Hunter’s new thing is to hop up on my bed as soon as I get out of it in the morning, and curl up just below my pillow. I usually make most of the bed around him and leave him be – then when I go home for lunch, I can finish making my bed. Yes, my cats have me trained well.

He was being especially cute this morning.

Baby Fox

After finishing our run this evening, Kathryn Ann & I met some folks who had rescued this baby fox over the winter…

The Staredown

Forget the TV. I require TREATS stat!

Quilt Progress: Let The Sewing Begin!

Started sewing the pieces together last night. Grace helped me…

ON-hold Socks: Take 2

I‘d brought my partially finished socks in to show Trish at Cricket Cove and she offered to buy the yarn from me, and I would pick up a replacement skein. I found a great red Merino 2/6 by Fleece Artist and re-started the socks. I haven’t gotten much done though, due to large amounts of overtime, but I am back to regular work hours again so hopefully these won’t take too long to finish…

Sunning Hunter

As I walked over to Hunter with my camera, I asked him if he was enjoying his spot of sunlight. His response was a loud purr. :-)

Cat-approved Ficus

The other day, I finally got around to picking up a plant for my empty plant pot that lives in my kitchen window (which is a south-facing window). It used to house some herbs, but they had gotten infected with something, so I had to dispose of them.

Alas, the poor ficus did not last the day, despite being sprayed down with bitter apple cat spray as soon as it was planted…