HWSF Library Mural Sneak Peek

Through work, I’ve spent a large amount of my time over the past month working on a very fun project. The company that I work for (Innovatia) has chosen to spend their charitable efforts updating a library in a local elementary school. This was a very dreary room before teams of folks repainted the walls, painted the bookshelves and updated and added to the book collection. They asked me if I could do a bit of mural work there and I had a lot of fun working on it. The grand opening is Thursday the 22nd and I can’t wait to be able to share more of this project after that. In the mean time, here is a peek at a small part of a very large project…

Mr. Rabbit

Finished the O’Leary’s keg mural!

Woo-hoo! The photo is taken from the end of the front bar, looking up at it.

More Painting & Rehearsals

Yep – that was pretty much my weekend.

Friday after work I had Jay & Lisa over to hang out, and my landlord & another plumber to thaw my bathroom pipes. Glad Lisa enjoyed “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” – it’s such a cute film! Jay headed off to game and we continued to chill out and watch cute films. I desperately needed the mellow evening.

Saturday we had a rehearsal for Crimes, then I ran errands and did chores. By the time I stopped, it was late in the evening. Can’t wait to get back to my knitting. I’d love to get a large chunk of it done.

Sunday got up early, wiped out on hidden ice outside of my apartment and thankfully didn’t break anything. Spent 13.5 hours on scaffolding trying to get as much done on the mural as possible. Went home, took Advil, popped online for a few minutes to unwind and then hit the hay.

I hope to finish the mural tonight. It’ll be nice to have some more free time again. It’ll also be nice to get paid for the mural work. :-)

O’Leary’s pub mural #2 in progress.


Standing on my tiptoes, I can just reach the bottom level on the scaffolding. It’s a ways up there.

The mural itself is about 7.5 feet tall…

Weekend #2 of The New Year

I started off on the right foot, catching up with Jay & Lisa over a beer, and then I spent the remainder of my Friday evening running errands and cleaning my apartment. I know it may not sound all that exciting, but I was pleased with how much I managed to get done in one evening. I had hoped I’d have time to watch a little BSG before bed, but I didn’t.

Saturday – up early and off to sketch the mural. The scaffolding is way more comfortable to work on than a ladder. Once I finished the sketch, I had time to quickly catch up with Colin at the market, then grab a coffee and head to rehearsal. After rehearsal, I popped home to feed the cats and then headed out to Jay & Lisa’s for a lovely roast supper. I stuck around to watch Galaxy Quest which I had never seen before. It was awfully cute! I was pretty tired from a full day, so I headed home straight after the movie.

Sunday was a pretty full day of mural painting followed by a quick power-nap and then a production meeting and a rehearsal. I was beat when I got home at 10PM, but I stayed up anyway to finish watching season 3 of BSG.