Watch the confusion slowly unfold

I went to see the Watchmen movie on the weekend. I was not familiar with the graphic novel, and I went along with friends who were long-time fans.

I can see why they loved it. I guess it follows the comic panel-by-panel, much like Frank Miller’s 300, but perhaps with a few alterations towards the end. Since I was not already familiar with the characters, story, or intent, I found it to be incredibly confusing. The story switches a lot between characters and time-periods and includes people who played the same masked character in a different time period. And don’t even get me started on the blue tiger-thing at the end of the film, which didn’t make any sense at all.

It also didn’t help that this movie was about two-and-a-half hours long and had some pretty slow pacing and monotonous-sounding voiceovers. I started checking my watch half an hour in.

It was also incredibly violent.

So, if you’re already a fan of the graphic novel, I’m sure you’ll love the film. If not, you might want to think twice about seeing it.

Coraline 3D

It has been years since I’ve seen a 3-D film, and this weekend I went to see Coraline. Things sure have come a long way since I was a kid, when 3-D glasses were terrible and the 3-D stuff looked kinda bad and made you nauseous. Now they provide you with 3-D glasses that look like Ray Bans, that don’t make the entire world look green or red. The film actually looked 3-dimensional, and in a few scenes (the sewing needle, the 2-D mice as the portal first opens, the piaon hands) it felt like I could reach right out and touch things.

The movie itself was so worth seeing. I can see why folks have said that it’s creepier for adults than kids. Besides the great story and the well-done animation, I absolutely loved some of the design elements such as the flowers in the garden that light up, the art-deco/art nouveau styled egyptian bug furniture and lighting fixtures in the living room, the way Coraline’s bedroom was decorated in both worlds, the other mom’s outfits, etc.

If you get a chance to see it in theatres while it’s out in 3-D, it’s totally worth it.

More Painting & Rehearsals

Yep – that was pretty much my weekend.

Friday after work I had Jay & Lisa over to hang out, and my landlord & another plumber to thaw my bathroom pipes. Glad Lisa enjoyed “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” – it’s such a cute film! Jay headed off to game and we continued to chill out and watch cute films. I desperately needed the mellow evening.

Saturday we had a rehearsal for Crimes, then I ran errands and did chores. By the time I stopped, it was late in the evening. Can’t wait to get back to my knitting. I’d love to get a large chunk of it done.

Sunday got up early, wiped out on hidden ice outside of my apartment and thankfully didn’t break anything. Spent 13.5 hours on scaffolding trying to get as much done on the mural as possible. Went home, took Advil, popped online for a few minutes to unwind and then hit the hay.

I hope to finish the mural tonight. It’ll be nice to have some more free time again. It’ll also be nice to get paid for the mural work. :-)

Weekend #2 of The New Year

I started off on the right foot, catching up with Jay & Lisa over a beer, and then I spent the remainder of my Friday evening running errands and cleaning my apartment. I know it may not sound all that exciting, but I was pleased with how much I managed to get done in one evening. I had hoped I’d have time to watch a little BSG before bed, but I didn’t.

Saturday – up early and off to sketch the mural. The scaffolding is way more comfortable to work on than a ladder. Once I finished the sketch, I had time to quickly catch up with Colin at the market, then grab a coffee and head to rehearsal. After rehearsal, I popped home to feed the cats and then headed out to Jay & Lisa’s for a lovely roast supper. I stuck around to watch Galaxy Quest which I had never seen before. It was awfully cute! I was pretty tired from a full day, so I headed home straight after the movie.

Sunday was a pretty full day of mural painting followed by a quick power-nap and then a production meeting and a rehearsal. I was beat when I got home at 10PM, but I stayed up anyway to finish watching season 3 of BSG.

All Sorts of Excitement

Not really. Things have been pretty quiet, which I’ve been enjoying. I finally finished one mitten and started the second. I’m hoping to get that done before the weekend. And of course I need to make time to read our next pick for book club, “Marley and Me.” It looks cute and not too long. If only I could read AND knit….

I saw Passchendaele last week and didn’t really enjoy it. The more I thought about it, the less I liked it. It just seemed like a mellow dramatic play, not a feature film. The story was so-so, the acting seemed a bit stilted and I just didn’t believe most of the characters, although I thought the costuming and locations were well-done. I really wanted to like this movie. Sigh.

It was nice to stop out to Scott & Alison’s Halloween party. Unfortunately by the time Friday rolls around I’m usually pretty tuckered. Last week, for some reason, I was absolutely exhausted for the entire week, even going to bed a few hours early a couple of nights in a row. So by Friday, I’d worn my “Faye Wray from King Kong” Halloween costume to the office, and I just wanted to be comfortable so I switched costumes and pulled out my red & blue “Arwen from Lord of the Rings” dress that I’d made two or three years ago and I wore that. (It’s super comfortable and somewhat warm.) It was nice to see everyone and see their costumes.

I’m looking forward my mom coming up and visiting next weekend. And since I’m taking next Monday off, I’m looking forward to the fact that it is a long weekend.

When it rains…

I knew it’d be a busy day at work when I got back from a long weekend, but it turned out to be even busier than I’d thought. So, the work day flew by, and I missed yoga, and it was after 6 by the time I managed to leave the office. I had just enough time to get pad thai, scarf it down and then Keith picked me up. We caught the 7:15 showing of Hancock, which was really quite good. (My only complaint would be a slight overuse of the shakeycam. I don’t mind if it’s used for scenes where there would be a lot of shakey situations and/or action. But if you’re hanging around doing regular things, I’d rather just focus on what’s going on, and not be distracted by a shakey camera. Besides, my eyes could use the break.)

4th Indy film = meh

I was in the mood for some mindless entertainment last night and I got what I wanted. I went to see the new Indy flick. It was silly and fun but not something I’d want to spend any time thinking about after. Because it was really stupid. I mean, aliens? Come on. Too over-the-top if you ask me. I won’t be adding it to my home library, that’s for sure.

On a side note, my hips are sore from yesterday’s run. I don’t think I’ve had sore hips from a run before. (Spending my day sitting at a desk isn’t going to be much help.) It was a good but hard run. I’m glad I did it, if only to improve my Personal Best. I can’t imagine running any longer distances.

The Week Rolls On…

Monday I tried to devote some time to a mockup for a mural. I managed to clean my apartment, and did a great job procrastinating. I’m just not feeling inspired by it at the moment.

Tueday I’d considered going to see the new Indy film with Jay & Lisa, but when Colleen called and suggested an outing to celebrate Jamie’s birthday with Kizzy & friends, I opted to do that. It was a nice night out, even though I was feeling financial stress and was a wee bit tuckered.

Last night I went for a nice run at the Irving Nature Park with Mare and Scott. I felt super-enrgized from it and that carried me through a late evening. Keith and I went to see the late show of Prince Caspian. We both really enjoyed it. But by the time the movie let out and I drove Keith home and parked by Queen Street and walked home, it was getting close to 1 AM.

May 8 – 16

It was a busy week and a half – let’s see if I can sum things up…

Thursday May 8th: I can’t remember what I did. I think I still wasn’t feeling 100% though. At least I remembered to order a bouquet for mom for Mother’s Day. :-)

Friday, May 9th: I made it to Salsa class. It was okay, and it was nice to go out for a beer with Doug and Colleen and a couple of the other gals from class who were super sweet (Jennifer and Karen, I think?).

Saturday, May 10th: got groceries (including items so I could make guacamole) and then tried to go for a run. Lasted maybe 17 minutes and had to stop and walk home. Guess I was still getting over that cold. Was pretty frustrated by that. That evening I headed to Scott & Alison’s belated Cinquo do Mayo party, which was great. I barely had anything to drink and was feeling pretty mellow but I really enjoyed myself. Thanks for being such awesome hosts. It was nice to see everyone, but I’m glad I left when I did. Sleep felt awesome!!

Sunday, May 11th: I puttered around the apartment and Lisa F came over mid-afternoon. We wound up watching 27 Dresses and then went to get pad thai and then put in The Devil Wears Prada. It was nice to just hand out and watch a couple of chick flicks. I did some prep work on a design for a mural while we hung out.

Monday, May 12th: SUPER-busy day at work followed by a quiet evening in catching up with Keith. We watched the new episode of How I Met Your Mother at 9:30, but I actually thought it was one of their weaker ones.

Tuesday, May 13th: Keith and I had planned to go see SpeedRacer in the evening, but I wound up working ’till midnight. Did I mention things were crazy-busy at work?

Wednesday, May 14th: Caught up with my old co-worker Shannon at lunch. I’m so glad he’s so happy with his new job! I decided it was time to drag my butt off the couch and get up and get a run in – especially since I’d made plans to run a 10k race in Halifax on the weekend. I headed out to the Irving Nature Park and it was about 18 C out with a cool breeze from the NE. I ran the road and had an awesome run. Man, I love it there. After that, I wanted to work on the mock up for the mural but felt pretty nauseous, so I pretty much went to bed.

Thursday, May 15th: I decided to do a bit of research into why I was getting so nauseous after runs (for a few hours too)> I thought it may have been from dehydration but I’d been making a real effort to drink lots of water, but looks like it may have been from a lack of electrolytes. Had a great yoga class at lunch (taught by Jenna) that left my legs feeling like jelly for the rest of the day. That evening I was really feeling the pressure to get the mock up for the mural to a place where I wanted it, so that’s what I worked on. Keith came over and hung out and gamed a bit while I did that.

Friday, May 16th: Had a lunch meeting with the folks who want the mural. Guess they actually wanted a bit of a different take on it than I’d thought. Good to have a bit more clarity now. Back to the drawing board. After work, I stopped home to change & feed the cats, then went out to Sebastian’s to meeting up with Doug and Colleen. We had a bite to eat and then headed to our last Salsa class, which turned out to be a ton of fun. I was pretty burnt out by a full week so just went home after the class. My intention was to pack and tidy my apartment but I wound up just hitting the hay instead.

Saturday, May 17th: Hunter woke me up at 6:30 to feed him and I wound up staying up after that. I cleaned my apartment and packed and had about 10 minutes to spare before going to pick up Kristi and Anthony. We had a good drive to Halifax, despite the rain and chilly winds. After dropping out stuff off at my parent’s place, we headed into town to pick up our race packets. There were tons of folks about and tons of booths set up at the pickup area. The Running Room looked like it practically had their entire store there. With 8000 people running the Halifax Bluenose this year, it was a big event. We got our packets (awesome yellow technical shirts by the way!) and activated our chips and at that point, we all felt like we were pretty run-down and all had kinda scratchy throats. So we headed back to my parent’s place to chill. Oh – well first we stopped at Superstore to pick up a couple of things, and I treated myself to a PSP – aww yeah!! Dad made an awesome spaghetti dinner and we all stuffed ourselves, and then we wound up watching Casino Royale (which Kristi had never seen) (and I played with my new PSP) and then we hit the hay by 10 PM.

Sunday, May 18th: RACE DAY!! We were up at 6:30 and having breakfast at 7. Poor Anthony was feeling the effects of the new cold worse than anyone. At least Kristi and I were able to take some Advil Cold & Sinus. Once we had breakfast (awesome oatmeal thanks to dad) we all felt a lot more energized and felt at least somewhat ready for our runs. It was cool and there was a cold wind, but the sun came out and it was warming things up pretty quickly. We headed into Halifax and had just enough time to get situated before Anthony had to get lined up to start running the 1/2 marathon. Kristi and I had half an hour before our start, so we used that time to store my bag and do some stretching.

At 9:30, we were off, and we made a point of not pushing it too much at the start. We tried to treat it like we were going for an easy Sunday morning jog. I got about a kilometer in and realized that I’d forgotten to take my inhaler, but thankfully didn’t wind up needing it. There was a lot of weaving around folks. Actually most of the race was like that. I was glad for the sun at the start of the race, and the cool breeze once I got warmed up. The route was pretty hilly. It took us over the bridge into Dartmouth and up a long hill, into a little subdivision (no breeze though – ugh) and back across to Halifax. My parents came out and cheered us on at a spot by the Dartmouth Sportsplex/transit area. Kristi and I decided to walk up the bridge on our way back to Halifax, and that gave us the extra boost we needed for the last 2k, which were all a little uphill to the finish line. We even managed to punch it a bit at the very end – and we both came in at 1:09:10 with personal bests for a 10 km run! Yay!

We waited for Anthony to come in from his 1/2 marathon (he had a really tough run but still did very well) and then we headed back to my folks place to shower and put our running gear in the wash. After that, we ran into town (to MAC) and then back to my parents place to gather our things and go do an early supper at Swiss Chalet with my folks. Then it was back to Saint John. It felt good to get home and unpack and I was pretty awake, but could tell my body was tired. I stopped out to visit at Kizzy’s for a short bit before returning home to totally crash.

Monday, May 19th: Thank goodness it was a long weekend and I had the day off. I was up at a decent time and met Dan and Jay R and Keith for breakfast at Cora’s. I was feeling pretty stiff and sore and tuckered so I was thankful for a quiet day. Keith came over and hung out for a bit (as we both played games on our PSPs) and then he crashed while I headed out to the living room to continue to play Bully on the xbox360. Did I mention I was glad it was a quiet day? I didn’t want to do a darn thing. We caught the season finale to How I Met Your Mother which was very good, and then Keith headed to work and I hit the hay.