My next knitting project…

I fell in love with a pair of Druid Mittens by Jared Flood, featured in Vogue Knitting’s Fall 2008 issue, and I went on the hunt for a yarn that would be perfect for it. I needed to find something lightweight but warm, and it couldn’t be wool, or have any mohair, angora or alpaca in it due to allergies. On Saturday, I headed to the big Cricket Cove in Blacks Harbour with Ann in tow. Ann picked up some beautiful turquouise and lime green chenile and a new pair of bamboo knitting needles, and I found some yarn for my newest project. It’s 100% Merino Wool 2/6 from the Fleece Artist (yes, I can actually wear & touch merino wool for some reason!) and the colours are orange/red/brown so it’ll match the scarf I just made.

I’m using very small (Size 2) needles, which means tiny stitches, so it may take a while to finish these.

I think the variegated color of the yarn takes away from the design of the pattern so I’m going to start over with a lighter yarn that’s all one color.

The Gauntlets

Since my sewing machine seized up on me (with only 2 hours of work left to do on a dress) and I haven’t had a chance to bring it in to get repaired yet, I’ve been doing other things. And one of those things is knitting. It’s been years since I’d knit, but after spending time at cricket Cove with my mom the other week, and seeing how well my friends are doing with theri knitting projects, I felt inspired and figured I’d give it a try again.

I’m quite fond of the recycled sari silk, so I picked up a skein of that, some new bamboo needles, and a pattern for a simple set of gauntlets. Thanks to mom, I learned how to knit continental style, so I didn’t have to worry about tension. They knit up pretty quickly and I’m pleased with how they turned out. Of course, I had to personalize them a bit – and I added some ribbon around the fingers and a few buttons along the arm…