Paris Mittens

I‘ve been wanting to make a pair of stranded mittens that were a bit more fitted than the typical Norwegian mittens. My goal was to come up with something that was a touch Victorian, with a few fun elements that I’d like to wear – picot edging, a travel theme, some fitted seaming. One day I’ll actually make it to Paris, but in the mean time, I can at least enjoy these…

If you are interested in purchasing this pattern ($6 CDN) you can get it here.

In Progress: Moulin Rouge Mittens

One down, one to go. Mare gave me the pattern as a gift, knowing it’d be right up my alley. The yarn is Madeline Tosh sock in Tart (red) & Antler (cream). I enjoy the slight variations in tone, and I like the fact that the yarn is more of a light fingering (3 ply) than regular sock weight (4 ply) yarn. I’m also knitting this on 2mm needles, instead of the 2.25mm ones that the pattern calls for (since I have long yet narrow hands).

Ravelympics Complete!

I spent the last couple if weeks trying to finish some unfinished knitting projects. I figured I may as well try to focus and complete these during the Olympics so I can move on to other things….

Finally – the Squirrel Smapler mittens are ALL DONE!!

I also finished this top that I’d started last August, but it totally grew when I blocked it lightly. Also the yarn itself is perfumed and it still stinks even after blocking. :-(

In Progress: The Squirrel Sampler Mittens

Slowly but surely I have been making headway. I finally finished the outside of the mittens. I am now working on the lining. I’ve chosen a very thin and colorful silk yarn for it. Essentially you pick up the cast-on stitches on the completed mitts and knit the lingin from there. I’m thinking these won’t take quite as long as the fair isle exterior took. I’ve also started the acorn adornments, although I will not attach them until I’ve completed the lining.

Squirrel Sampler Mittens: a work in progress

Thanks to Mare for gifting this great pattern to me!

Squirrel Sampler Mittens pattern link

Knitted Veyla Gauntlets

I needed something to help keep my hands watrm at rehearsals last autumn so I made these up. The pattern is called Veyla and the design is by Ysolda Teague – a Scottish knitting designer. You can find the pattern on her site.

Christmas Knitting: Endpaper Gauntlets

I managed to knit a handful of Christmas gifts for friends & family this year… this is what I made for Mare. You can find the pattern at

Quiet Long Weekend with Mom

We had a lovely long weekend and I finished my cream mittens and started a pair of blue ones…

Over the course of our 4-day weekend, we watched A Prairie Home Companion, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Being Julia, Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly), Season One of How I Met Your Mother, and Layer Cake, as well as a bit of HGTV….

We also listened to some podcasts of CBC Radio’s The Vinyl Cafe, we spent 3 hours in the Cricket Cove (yarn shop) in Black’s Harbour, visited St. Andrew’s and had a lovely lunch, made it out to Michael’s craft store and Fabricville, got fancy coffees, pereused the knitting section at Indigo books, had pad thai, made pizzas and had Jay & Lisa over for dinner, and generally just relaxed. It was an ideal “girl’s weekend”.


Made a fun beret this week…

and should be done my mittens by the end of the week…


Well the mittens are taking a lot of time to make, thanks to the small stitches and the somewhat fussy pattern. Still, I continue. Thankfully I picked up a book called “Knit Fix” that has given me a few helpful tips. I spent an hour the other night fixing a mistake that I noticed that I’d done 8 rows back – and I didn’t have to frog the entire 8 rows! All I had to do was frog that cable and I was able to re-knit it (with the help of a trusty crochet hook).