Vacation 2008

Took a week off and stayed home. It was great but not long enough. Caught up with friends Friday evening, as Penny Blacks played at Thandi. Went hiking at Funday Trail with Jay and Lisa…

Finished sewing my first sewing project – a jacket.

Then, at the end of the week, my folks came to visit and mom and I walked the 5k for Marathon by the Sea together and later that evening we had a lovely dinner with friends at Churchills.

Hiking Weekend #2

Friday evening I wound up going out for a drink with keith and Ryan before heading to Church Street to meet up with Mare and Scott for a drink. From there, Keith and Ryan and I headed to Sebastian’s for a bit and then back to my place for a bit. I think I like the idea of fancy martini’s better than I actually enjoy them. Gin & tonic, on the other hand, often lives up to the anticipation. It’s a cool and refreshing summery drink.

Saturday was full. All I wanted to do was clean out some stuff in my apartment. And then relax. But that’s not how the day unfolded. Kieth and I had brekfast at Cora’s (catching Dan on his way out) and then headed to the vortex (McAllister Shopping Mall & environs) to pick up a few things. That took a fair while, and by the time we did that and I picked up my groceries and got home, it was already about 4:00. I got my groceries away and Keith and I stopped out to meet Doug and Colleen for a few minutes. Then I was able to get back to cleaning. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, which had gotten rather disorganized over time. It felt good to have room to put things again. And then I got started cleaning my apartment. I’d been meaning to give it a thorough cleaning for a few days but I just didn’t have the energy. Keith headed home for supper and a run. By the time he stopped back in with Ryan at 10:45, I was just finishing up. (And that didn’t even include cleaning out the front hall closet and getting rid of some old clothing – both of which I intend to do at some point this week.) They hung out for a bit before heading around the block to the annual Horsefield Street Courtyard party. Once they left, I finally settled in and cracked open my new gmae for the xbox 360: Lego Indiana Jones. I played till 1 or so and then hiut the hay. Thanks to a combo of earplugs and being overtired, it wasn’t too difficult to fall asleep, despite the noise of the courtyard party going on right behind my building.

Sunday I got up bright and early to get ready to go hiking. I picked up Suzy and Brian B and Keith (who only got about 3 hours sleep but at least he wasn’t hung over!) and we headed to Fundy Trail to hike the start of the Funday Footpath. It was perfect weather – lightly overcast and about 13 degrees. We did a 3-hour hike and were all suitably tuckered by the time we were heading back to Saint John. thanks for coming along, guys!

When I got home, I enjoyed a nice long-hot shower and was planning to nap, but got sucked back into playing the Lego Indy game. It was nice to have a quiet evening in. I’d had my fill of being social this weekend and I just needed some down-time.

Hiking Weekend #1

Friday evening turned out to be a fun night out – after my nap. Colleen had invited me to join the Summer kick-off gathering for HOLA Saint John which led to enjoying some tasty beer, great company, and fun dancing!

Saturday I was up early and ran errands and got groceries. I spent the afternoon in the lobby of the Imperial helping sell season subscriptions to SJTC’s 2008-2009 season. Then, it was home to unpack my gorceries, change, and grab a quick bite to eat with Keith before heading back to the Imperial to finally get a chance to watch “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I thought that Graham made some interesting directorial choices and I thought the cast did a great job. Kudos to everyone involved – you could tell that a lot of hard work was put into it!

After the show, I caught up with Beth & Colin over a couple of glasses of wine at Happinez. It was so nice to see them!! I didn’t want to go home, but I had early morning plans to go hiking.

I picked up Sabine and we headed out to Fundy Trail to hike the Hearst Lodge loop. It’s considered a challenging trail due to lots of climbing over all sorts fo tree roots and rocks, before returning by the giant hill of a gravel road. It didn’t take us as long as we thought it would, but it turned out to be a good length for our first hike of the season. I’m already plotting my next hike…. :-)

More hiking, please.

One of my goals for this Summer is to get out and do some hiking. I always really enjoy it when I do it, and I really missed it over the last year or two. There are lots of great places to hike that aren’t too far from Saint John. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some friends to come along with me….

Hiking Trails in New Brunswick
Irving Nature Park
Rockwood Park
Fundy National Park
Fundy Trail

A wee bit father away, but if camping isn’t a problem…
Mt. Katahdin at Baxter State Park in Maine
Blomiden Park in Nova Scotia
Hiking trails at Cabot Trail, Cape Breton,Nova Scotia