Dead Marie Antoinette Makeup

Kathryn Ann stopped by so I could help her with her makeup for her Halloween costume. It was a quick 20 minute job and a fun break.

Kathryn Ann Keery as "Dead Marie Antionette"

Kathryn Ann Keery as "Dead Marie Antionette"

A Day with John H + A Day with D&D

Flowers from John

John arrived in Saint John on Saturday with this lovely bouquet in hand. Great call with the combo of snapdragons and exotic flowers! Thanks again – they are wonderful! (Added bonus: the cats have not pulled the vase over yet.)

We decided to go for a walk at the Irving Nature Park since the weather was still good. Then after our walk, John cooked a delicious Matsuman curry and we hung out and watched “The Nines”.

Sunday was a chance to return to our D&D campaign, even if we were missing one player. We spent the afternoon working through a big boss fight and resolved that portion of our quest …

D&D L-R: Stew, Jay, Lisa

D&D L-R: Stew, Jay, Lisa

Rocky Horror

Thanks to Sandra, Beth, and Colin for a fun night out at Rocky Horror. It was a fun show!

Beth, myself, Sandra & Colin at Rocky Horror
Beth, myself, Sandra & Colin at Rocky Horror

Steampunk Costume: Bolero Update

Bit by bit, it’s starting to come to life… still much more to be done. While Brenda sewed the body of the bolero together. We’ve now for some strapping and buckles, the box-pleating along the edge, and piping next to it. I’m quite pleased at how well it’s coming together. We still have more details to add including another layer of ribbon detail next to the piping, and some strapping at the shoulders (which will have to go on as we put the sleeves on). I’m quite please at how the shape on the back turned out but I don’t have a photo of that yet. This will have to to:


I also started to figure out the shape of the cuffs – which will be multi-layered…

Steampunk Costume: Starting the Spats

Before anything, Brenda and I needed to mock up a pattern for the spats. We’ve used some old fabric and have settled on a basic shape (which took a couple of tries to get to). The spats will be made out of a musty gray-green flocked material and we have some great buttons for them.

Steampunk Costume: The Bolero

Brenda and I totally lucked out by finding some great fabric on sale at Fabricville for a mere dollar/meter. My goal was “awesome lining” as I’m a total sucker for that sort of thing. I had worked out a concept sketch of the bolero earlier the other week and Brenda taught me how to convert a concept into an actual pattern. She took on the tough job of adding the buckles etc to the main section while I got started on 420″ of box pleats (which, by the way, wound up taking a total of 7 hours to complete, but was totally worth it!)

Steampunk Costume: Hat & Goggles

It’s a challenge to get a lot done when you can only get together for a few hours each week. Tonight we worked on the goggles and the hat and made a bit of progress with each. Here’s Brenda’s wonderful work on the hat:

As for the goggles, we’ve decided to go with the tops of spice cannisters, held together with screws and bolts and an L-bracket (with a bit of extra bend to it). We fashioned leather sides and straps to it. Next step will be to add some of the embellishments, but at least it’s a start that we are happy with…

Steampunk Costume: Top Hat

Since we needed to pick up some crin for the bottom of the skirt (before we hem it), we decided to start on the hat. Admittedly, Brenda and I are both pretty excited about this part of the costume and wanted to get it started. Brenda started by designing the brim while I worked on building the cage.


Steampunk Costume: The Skirt

We’ve opted to do a short bustle skirt. Here it is in progress. We still have to hem it, add some buckles and a handful of buttons (at the top). It will be shorter than the cage underneath it in order to let the cage show a bit (more so at the front)

A 5 km Race

Kathryn Ann & I have been jogging/walking a lot at the Irving Nature Park, so when our friend Sandra asked us if we wanted to do the Canda Day Race in Grand Bay, we figured it’d be a good time to try a little 5km race. It’s been a few years since I’ve done any races, and Kathryn Ann is running for the first time and had been asking about races. It was a very hilly course and it was a lot warmer than what we’re used to jogging in, but it was a fun morning.