Flaming Cupcakes

I have a Tiefling Warlock that I play in a D&D campaign. In our plans to get together and game today, I agreed to bring the snacks, keeping in theme with my character, who deals a lot of flame-based damage. I’m hoping that my chili chocolate flaming cupcakes actually taste decent!

Flaming Spicy Cupcakes

Flaming Spicy Cupcakes

A Day with John H + A Day with D&D

Flowers from John

John arrived in Saint John on Saturday with this lovely bouquet in hand. Great call with the combo of snapdragons and exotic flowers! Thanks again – they are wonderful! (Added bonus: the cats have not pulled the vase over yet.)

We decided to go for a walk at the Irving Nature Park since the weather was still good. Then after our walk, John cooked a delicious Matsuman curry and we hung out and watched “The Nines”.

Sunday was a chance to return to our D&D campaign, even if we were missing one player. We spent the afternoon working through a big boss fight and resolved that portion of our quest …

D&D L-R: Stew, Jay, Lisa

D&D L-R: Stew, Jay, Lisa

D&D Tiefling Warlock miniature

I‘ve been invited to play in another D&D group – they’ve been playing for a couple of years and were looking for a ranged striker. I created a fun character – a Tiefling Warlock named Trichinosis Carcenogina Hyacinth (although she prefers to be called Trixie). She was raised by Halflings so she seems oddly friendly and cutesy, but she’s got a temper and can deal out boatloads of (mostly fire-based) damage.

The group that I’m joining plays with minis, so I went on the hunt for one that would aptly represent my character. The illustratons in the official D&D books show some pretty cool rams horns:

but the mini’s that are available looked a little odd:

So I picked up the Arcane Heroes 2 package and took the main body of the female Eladrin Scorceror and the forearms of the male Half-elven Warlock, and glued them together, then added some Fimo horns and painted it all…

It’s as if I’d planned it

My gaming dice were well coordinated with my coffee…

Belated 2008 Christmas gifts for Jay & Lisa Miller

Finally. I finally finished and will give these to Jay and Lisa tonight. I painted portraits of their Dungeons and Dragons characters for them. This is Galen Huntsridge and Caerdhwyn…

Long Weekend in Review

The long weekend was pretty mellow. Friday after-work beer-o’clock turned into dancing in Kizzy’s living room to YouTube videos at 2:30 in the morning. I love it when an unplanned party occurs!

Needless to say, I was a bit tuckered and perhaps even a bit hung over on Saturday so it was a quiet day. I headed out to do groceries and wound up getting sucked into “the vortex” (McAllistar Place & environs), emerging 4 hours later with multiple shopping bags. I headed home and fed the cats and then headed over to the Greek Festival. Kizzy was singing with Opa when I got there, and when she finished her set, we enjoyed the awesomely delicious food. We had planned to stick around to see Pavlo perform, and we were breifly introduced to him, but we were both pretty beat and decied to leave and perhaps head back later, which we didn’t do. I stopped in at Matt’s house party for a short bit and met a few friends of his and caught up with a couple of other people, but I was feeling pretty tired and mellow so I didn’t stick around long.

Sunday morning I almost finished “Bitten” by Lisa Armstrong. It was a very action-packed read about a woman who is a modern-day werewolf. A bit of a mystery and a good quick read (thanks for the lend, Lisa!) I then headed to Kizzy’s for her big Canada Day BBQ, which was great. I didn’t drink much and wound up sticking around until 12:30. It was nice to catch up with everyone there and I enjoyed the BBQd food, the company and the bonfire and singing. When I got home, I finished reading “Bitten” :-)

Monday I was pretty thankful to have a day off and made the most of lounging around and haning with my cats. I finally got up and made some guacamole and grabbed my stuff and headed to Jay M’s for a good big session of D&D. We had a bit of a slow start to the session as Anthony worked out a bunch of spell and scroll stuff that he had to figure out, and we paused part way through the evening and enjoyed a tasty BBQd meal. Our adventuring company made it to the King’s birthday but the feast hasn’t started yet. That’ll be next week. I can’t wait!!