The Farm Character Board

A coworker’s cousin (who is a fan of character boards) was getting married on a farm and so I was asked to help create a farm-theme board that included their dogs, a sunflower, & their cows. I spent an evening sketching out the concept and then 4 evenings at my coworker’s place painting the plywood. After this, they finished it on their own by cutting out the faces and cropping the top. I’m please with how it turned out – I think it’s a great idea for a wedding, and the characters still make me giggle – they are so cheesy!

Kings County Studio Tour

It was fun hanging out with Tracy for the day, and we had perfect weather for driving around and visiting various studios on the tour. My favorite stop was near the beginning, as we stopped in to see Elizabeth Millers spinning and weaving studio – talk about an inspiring spot!

Pottery Class: Green Mug

Green Mug

Green Mug 2

Green Mug 2

Pottery Class: bird tumbler

Pottery Class: tub bowl

Pottery Class: flower bowl

Pottery Class: small black bowl

The Necklace of Gaudiness (+2)

Brenda’s mom started this and I decorated it. It was for Scott Thomas’s character Roger (the very gay director) in SJTC’s “The Producers”. I tried to make it Scott-sized and as glittery and gaudy as possible. The “plus two” is a D&D reference – referring to extra dice rolls needed as a saving throw to ward against being stunned by the incredible gaudiness of it.

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers



Pottery Class

We learned how to do plates tonight but I opted to do a couple of bowls instead. My first one took me a while since I wanted to make something that I’d actually want to use. I had about 40 minutes left so I made a second bowl. I decided to stick with a bit of an organic theme and made wavy edges, etc.

Pottery Class: a bowl

We learned how to make a bowl by draping a sheet of clay over a form and then modifying it. I was hoping for one of the round forms, but I wound up with the one that looked like half of a log cake. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it, and while I like some of it’s elements (the feet and the texture on the sides,) it doesn’t thrill me. Perhaps I’ll like it more once it’s glazed. At this point, I think it looks like a bathtub.