Pumpkin Carving

Melissa had a pumpkin-carving party and I decided to carve a very small pumpkin for myself… Of a nazgul fighting a death star.

Nazgul pumpkin

The Nazgul fighting...

Death Star pumpkin

The Death Star fighting back...

Set Design for “A Christmas Carol”

In August, Scott Thomas asked if I’d help with the set design for “A Christmas Carol”.  He’s directing it for the Saint John Theatre Company and it will be performed at the Imperial Theatre November 17 – 19, 2011. He was looking for a set that  brought the story closer to the audience, and that could be used for both indoor and outdoor scenes. I know that there will be a few minor adjustments, but here is what I gave them to start with. The maquette is 1/2″ to 1′. I am looking forward to seeing the show!

Set Design Maquette for "A Christmas Carol" November 2011

Set Design Maquette for "A Christmas Carol" November 2011

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Goggles for The Steampunk Costume

I’m trying to make my own goggles. Attempt #1 is to use some crafting aluminum to build the frame. Not sure how well it’ll work but so far I’ve found that mason jar lids are too large, and I haven’t been able to find any appropriate plumbing fittings.

Paris Mittens

I‘ve been wanting to make a pair of stranded mittens that were a bit more fitted than the typical Norwegian mittens. My goal was to come up with something that was a touch Victorian, with a few fun elements that I’d like to wear – picot edging, a travel theme, some fitted seaming. One day I’ll actually make it to Paris, but in the mean time, I can at least enjoy these…

If you are interested in purchasing this pattern ($6 CDN) you can get it here.

Quilt Progress: Let The Sewing Begin!

Started sewing the pieces together last night. Grace helped me…

Quilting Progress: Pieces Cut!

The pieces are all cut out and I’ve laid them out to determine how well things work. I think I may make a small replacement to some very dark purple and then otherwise, I’m set to start sewing the pieces together. This will all be machine-made. As you can see below, Hunter was “helping”…

Cutting Quilt Squares

I’ve got about 1200 of 1458 squares carefully cut out. It has been slow going but I wanted to make sure that the squares are spot on. If I was just off by a wee bit, that can turn into a huge difference when you’re working with so many pieces by the time the quilt top is assembled.

Starting A Quilt

I recently picked up Kaffe Fassett’s book, Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts and have decided to do the Boston Common quilt…

Another Marco Polo Set Piece

Thankfully I had some great help with set painting from Tim & Lynda & Sally & Sally’s boyfriend. We got the wails and wooden setpieces painted in a couple of evenings (in between rehearsals on the weekend), and then during rehearsal on Monday, I got the ship’s agent’s sign done. It’s been a busy week…

Thanksgiving & “ship building/deconstruction”

We needed a toy ship that could be featured in the show that looked as though a young girl from the 1880′s would play with it, but would also represent the Marco Polo clipper ship better than a sailboat. I found this display version of a Spanish Armada ship at a local used book store for $10, and I took it home and pried all f the plastic bits off, took it apart, sanded it down and then put it back together. That was my Thanksgiving Monday.