Revisiting Dragon Age

When Dragon Age: Origins was first released, I picked it up for my xBox 360. I played through each of the origin stories, and played through the entire game as a human noble warrior and tried my best to be the good guy and help everyone. The game was enjoyable & interesting, even if the load screens seemed to take forever.

I then went back in to play it again, this time as a human mage who was a jerk. It certainly wasn’t as easy, and I didn’t get far. Mostly, I didn’t get far, because I got bored with the same dialogues & scenarios that I’d recently played. So I put it down.

Recently, a friend of mine lent me his PS3 version of the game, and I thought I’d revisit it. I’ve created an elven mage character and I’m once again trying to be the nice buy, but I’m also trying to do a better job befriending my team mates than I did on my first go around. I still find myself a little bored with the conversations, and have skipped through a lot of them, and I still find the load screens to be long (but now I keep knitting handy so I can do a few stitches while waiting), but it turns out that there are a few things I’d either forgotten about or missed since my first go at the game. The PS3 version seems to be very buggy compared to the xbox one. Lots of weird camera things where characters don’t show up or have glitches, and lots of times where I wind up waiting for the game to notice that I’ve completed a scenario so taht I can move on, where I wind up having the initiating conversation over again – to much frustration. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll continue playing. Perhaps it’s time to go back and finish Read Dead Redemption or Arkane Asylum instead.

Geeking Out Hardcore

Thanks to Keith for heading out to the Vortex with me for an early lunch (and thanks for the lunch – mmm… Swiss Chalet – how I love it!) and so I could pick up The Force Unleashed and Rock Band II, which both got released today. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight (and probably the rest of this week)!

I was trying to explain The Force Unleashed to my friend John who doesn’t game, and was reminded of the great article that Vanity Fair did on it last March.

ANTM + Assassin’s Creed + Frozen Yogurt

I have a guilty pleasure – I enjoy watching America’s Next Top Model and last night was the 2-hour premiere for Cycle 11. I don’t know why, but man-oh-man did they do some majorly cheesy/campy stuff to start the show off with. Including cheesy fake special effects. At least they’re having fun with it. The girls seem to be a lot more immature this year, which was actually rather painful to listen to. The nice surprise was that there was a lot more diversity in the contestants. It’ll be an interesting season.

While watching the show, I spent commercial breaks flipping back to playing Assassin’s Creed. I’m trying to collect all of the flags in the kingdom. It’s one of the side-quests. I love games where you have to collect stuff.

Less than 2 weeks before The Force Unleashed comes out!

The week-end of doing and cleaning….

Friday evening Keith brought over the fixings to make home-made sushi and that pretty much took up the evening.

Saturday I got up bright and early, picked Keith up, and headed to Halifax. We spent the afternoon sorting through 53 boxes of stuff that I had stored in my parent’s basement. 10 garbage bags of clothes were collected and donated to the Red Cross, 6 garbage bags of garbage were collected, and the remainder of the items were priced and tagged for garage sale. It made for a very full day (and evening).

Sunday I got up early and went for a walk with my mom, then did a couple of loads of laundry that I’d brought, grabbed a late breakfast and then it was a family affair to clean and detail my car. Once we finished, I got cleaned up and Keith and I packed up the car, popped into downtown Halifax to do a little shopping and then eventually hit the road to come back to good ol’ foggy Saint John. We stopped a couple of times along the way (Bayers Lake for Starbucks and a wander through chapters, and then Mastadon Ridge for gas, a stop into Farmer Clem’s, and “dinner” at Taco Bell) and got back to SJ at about 10:30 at night. I was exhausted.

I was also pretty glad I’d taken Monday off as a vacation day. I slept in, hung out with the cats, and then headed out to run errands. Of course, to begin, I caught up with Jay & Lisa M out at the Vortex for a bit before getting groceries and cat food. My treat for myself was a used copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, which I subsequently spent the remainder of the evening playing.