Reading, LEGO gaming, Marco Polo Auditions

I finally finished “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen. What a great read. It was our book club pick from a couple of months ago and I had left things to late to read it before we met up. It’s worth picking up and reading – a well written story that was quite interesting and entertaining. It even made me laugh out loud a few times. I guess they are making a movie based on the book – starring Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon. I hope they do a good job of it.

I also picked up and read our latest book club pick, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larson. It took a bit to get into, with all of the Swedish names and places, but it turned out to be a real page-turner. I burned through it in a few short evenings and it’s a pretty sizable read. I guess they have made a movie about it that was released on DVD this week. I know they are also planning on filming another version of it starring Daniel Craig that’s set for release in 2012. I’ll likely watch both versions. Now if you’ve read this book, then I highly recommend checking out Nora Ephron’s hilarous spoof in The New Yorker:

I haven’t been knitting much lately. Instead, I got sucked into playing LEGO Harry Potter on the Xbox 360, among a variety of other games. As for what knitting I have been doing, I’ve ever so slowly been picking away at a variety of unfinished projects. Slowly but surely… tonight I did get a few rows of knitting done while I helped to facilitate the auditions for “Marco Polo – The Musical” (which will be at Harbour Station in October). I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well. Hopefully we’ll get a decent turnout despite the possibly rainy weather.

Weekend Update

I spent Friday evening and most of Saturday working on the redesign for this site. I got a lot done, but I still have the portfolio section to do. That section will be a fair amount of work. Perhaps I’ll just put a “coming soon” note up until I’ve got it done. Not only do I want to do an overhaul of the layout of the portfolio, I seriously need to update the content, which is probably about 7 years old.

Saturday evening I headed out to Jay & Lisa’s and enjoyed a lovely BBQ’d steak dinner. We watched Up and the first episode of Season 3 of the BBC Robin Hood (where I seriously wanted to take a pair of shears to Guy’s hair – and I’m normally fond of longer hair on dudes). It’s was the first time any of us had seen Up and I was glad to have finally had a chance to see it. It’s not something I’d own though. I thought the parts that were touching were really well done, and there were some really cute/funny moments, but they did go too far over the top with the dogs that could fly planes. I’m sorry, but my suspension of disbelief will only go so far.

Sunday was a quiet day in. I cleaned my apartment, made stew, and then watched the Golden Globes. I normally don’t like cleaning on weekends, but I’m hosting Book Club tonight. I’d picked Girl With A Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. It’s only 250 pages and was a book I quite enjoyed. In 2003 they made a movie based on this book, starring Colin Firth and Scarlette Johanson. I’ve rented it so we can watch it. I wonder what people thought of it. I hope I can fit everyone in…

Books, Games and Knitting… so what else is new?

I spent the first day of the new year alternately reading and napping. I started and finished reading The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, our current book club pick. It was interesting, and thankfully a fairly quick and easy read.

The remainder of my Christmas holidays were spent playing a fun eye-camera xbox game at Jay & Lisa’s where you play a bunch of cheesy games and then it makes a fun & cheesy trailer, playing a much-needed game of D&D, hanging out a bit more with Jay & Lisa, and working on my knitting. I managed to finished my blue argyle lace hat just before heading to book club earlier this evening. Now, it’s on to the sweater-coat I’ve been itching to make…

All Sorts of Excitement

Not really. Things have been pretty quiet, which I’ve been enjoying. I finally finished one mitten and started the second. I’m hoping to get that done before the weekend. And of course I need to make time to read our next pick for book club, “Marley and Me.” It looks cute and not too long. If only I could read AND knit….

I saw Passchendaele last week and didn’t really enjoy it. The more I thought about it, the less I liked it. It just seemed like a mellow dramatic play, not a feature film. The story was so-so, the acting seemed a bit stilted and I just didn’t believe most of the characters, although I thought the costuming and locations were well-done. I really wanted to like this movie. Sigh.

It was nice to stop out to Scott & Alison’s Halloween party. Unfortunately by the time Friday rolls around I’m usually pretty tuckered. Last week, for some reason, I was absolutely exhausted for the entire week, even going to bed a few hours early a couple of nights in a row. So by Friday, I’d worn my “Faye Wray from King Kong” Halloween costume to the office, and I just wanted to be comfortable so I switched costumes and pulled out my red & blue “Arwen from Lord of the Rings” dress that I’d made two or three years ago and I wore that. (It’s super comfortable and somewhat warm.) It was nice to see everyone and see their costumes.

I’m looking forward my mom coming up and visiting next weekend. And since I’m taking next Monday off, I’m looking forward to the fact that it is a long weekend.

90210 + Wicked = Weird Dreams

So I checked out the premiere of the new 90210 series and actually managed to make it through the full two hours. Man, there was some bad acting going on. It was painful to watch. And the storyline was predictable and boring. Needless to say, I won’t be following this series.

I’m really enjoying Jenn’s book club pick, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. I’m about half of the way through the book and I don’t want to put it down.

Other than that, I’ll be making sure I head home for lunch today. There are three cruise ships in port today. The Caribbean Princess with 3100 passengers, the Carnival Victory with 3200 passengers, and the Norwegian Dawn with 2200 passengers. Not to mention all of the kids now back in Brunswick Square during their lunch break from school.


Friday Keith and I saw Wall E (excellent and touching) and Hellboy II (fun and nice to see Guillermo del Toro’s stylings).

Saturday, we went to an early matinee of The Dark Knight which was entertaining and dark and gritty. And kind of long. After that, I ran a few errands and then headed to a work event: The annual Company BBQ. After enjoying a couple of burgers and catching up with some folks, I headed back home to get dressed up and then picked Keith up and drove to Fredericton to stop in at Brian’s wedding (which Jay R was DJ-ing). We hung out and danced for an hour or two and then drove back to SJ. Thankfully we didn’t encounter any moose on our drive.

Sunday I finished reading Brother of Sleep and got some fo my apartment cleaned and then headed off to book club. Thanks again, Sabine, for a great book choice and such tasty treats!

The Quiet Weekend

Friday night was a fun start to the weekend. After a tough massage therapy session, I stopped home to change and then headed to the Somerset Pub for Karaoke with Kizzy et al. It has been a long time since I’d done karaoke and it was a lot of fun. Keith wanted to keep partying after we left, but I was just beat (as I usually am by Fridays) so I headed home and called it a night.

Saturday I was up nice and early to attend Free RPG Day and play a one-off of the new Castlemourn game that Jay M was running. My character was a bard who’d pull out her rusty copper whistle each time a battle started. It was a much more effective Bard than in the D&D realms.

After that, Jay & Lisa and I stopped in at the Market to enjoy some samosas, and then I headed home for a power nap. Keith and I decided to hit the gym for a bit and then I spent the remainder of the evening at Keith’s place. We hung out and watched Shrek 3 (on demand). I think we were both glad we didn’t pay money to see it. It just felt so forced and recycled.

I must have been tired, as I TOTALLY slept in on Sunday morning, and I rarely sleep in past 9 on weekends. Keith and I opted to grab lunch at Churchills and then I headed homme to try to plough through my book club book. I didn’t leave myself enough time. I really should have started it earlier inthe week, or maybe given up my Saturday night and set my alarm Sunday morning. I managed to get half-way through it before book club. I wasn’t sure about Finn Mac Cool for the first couple of chapters, but the book started to grow on me, and now I want to finish it and find out what happens to him. It’s an Irish folk tale.

So yeah, book club was last night. It was lots of fun and nice to see everyone who made it. Lots of great food (left over diary-free chocolate cake for breakfast this morning – yum!) and good conversation.

Long Weekend in Review

The long weekend was pretty mellow. Friday after-work beer-o’clock turned into dancing in Kizzy’s living room to YouTube videos at 2:30 in the morning. I love it when an unplanned party occurs!

Needless to say, I was a bit tuckered and perhaps even a bit hung over on Saturday so it was a quiet day. I headed out to do groceries and wound up getting sucked into “the vortex” (McAllistar Place & environs), emerging 4 hours later with multiple shopping bags. I headed home and fed the cats and then headed over to the Greek Festival. Kizzy was singing with Opa when I got there, and when she finished her set, we enjoyed the awesomely delicious food. We had planned to stick around to see Pavlo perform, and we were breifly introduced to him, but we were both pretty beat and decied to leave and perhaps head back later, which we didn’t do. I stopped in at Matt’s house party for a short bit and met a few friends of his and caught up with a couple of other people, but I was feeling pretty tired and mellow so I didn’t stick around long.

Sunday morning I almost finished “Bitten” by Lisa Armstrong. It was a very action-packed read about a woman who is a modern-day werewolf. A bit of a mystery and a good quick read (thanks for the lend, Lisa!) I then headed to Kizzy’s for her big Canada Day BBQ, which was great. I didn’t drink much and wound up sticking around until 12:30. It was nice to catch up with everyone there and I enjoyed the BBQd food, the company and the bonfire and singing. When I got home, I finished reading “Bitten” :-)

Monday I was pretty thankful to have a day off and made the most of lounging around and haning with my cats. I finally got up and made some guacamole and grabbed my stuff and headed to Jay M’s for a good big session of D&D. We had a bit of a slow start to the session as Anthony worked out a bunch of spell and scroll stuff that he had to figure out, and we paused part way through the evening and enjoyed a tasty BBQd meal. Our adventuring company made it to the King’s birthday but the feast hasn’t started yet. That’ll be next week. I can’t wait!!