>Weekend Update

>I had a busy and fun weekend. :-)

Friday night I saw The Northern Pikes at the Imperial Theatre. They were great – I think they get better every time. You could tell they were relaxed and having fun. After the show I met up with Merl and we went to Churchills for a couple of drinks. It was nice to catch up with him – keeping in touch with friends by email is great, but it’s so much nicer to be able to see them in person.

I spent the day on Saturday running errands. The next thing I knew, the hours had flown by and it was time to head to the red Cross Wine Festival. I walked over with Suzy and Colin and ran into Lisa and Anthony and Jay – and a ton of other folks. I think there were 700 tickets sold. It was a busy event, and it was a treat to see so many SJ folks dressed up. It was a fun event. I spent my time looking for wines that I would like to purchase, and I managed to find a number of nice reds in about the $20 range that I plan to add to my collection. There was a maple-wine that was interesting. It was like a dessert. I’m not sure if I’d buy that one, but I’m glad I tried it. I think the highlight of my evening was the 10-year-old Port. It was difficult to enjoy anything else as much after having that. After the show, a few of us headed to the Somerset Pub for karaoke. I actually sang a song – Kiss by Prince. I had some wings and Sprite then called it a night fairly early. I was home and in bed before midnight.

Sunday was a bit of a chance to sleep in. I did a bit of design work for a friend, then at lunch picked up Colin. I told him I’d take him shopping in Moncton for his birthday (which was last month). The afternoon flew by, and I made a few fun purchases. It was pretty chilly out, but at least it was sunny – so it was a nice day for a drive. Sunday evening I went to see Hitch with Hayley. It was a fun movie – a great note to end the weekend on.

It looks like another busy week. It’ll be nice to do a bit of catching up with a few friends earlier in the week. I hope to find some free time to get a bit of design work done later in the week. I may just have to start booking blocks of time for myself to work on the creative stuff.