The Basil Thief

I spent some time over the weekend weeding my garden plot (and the paths around it). I still have a few things that need harvesting. Unfortunately one of the things that I regularly stop in for has disappeared. Earlier this week, I popped by to get 5 leaves from each of my two basil plants (one green and one purple) and they had been dug up. Perfect holes with spade marks were left in their place. So frustrating – why would someone do that?

Anyway – the garden is looking better once again now that it’s been weeded…

Later this week, I got in to work to find this lovely container with basil and parsley at my desk, thanks to my co-worker Jane. What a thoughtful surprise! You totally rock, Jane! I’ve decided to keep it at the office so I can enjoy it’s smell. When I want a little bit of basil, I just take a few leaves home with me at the end of the work day.