Back to the Steampunk Costume

Last year, Brenda & I came up with a plan for an original Steampunk costume. We got started on the project, and then we both got very busy with other things, and the project was shelved for a while. We have taken it back on and our hopes are to comeplete it for Halloween this year.

We took a basic 19th Century corset design and reworked it so that it would fit properly. We created our own pattern out of a thick brown paper (like the kind used for wrapping parcels) and then pulled out some inexpensive cottom so that we could make a mockup. We’d need this so that we can test the fit. Corsets have to be pretty spot-on if you want a good fit…

It’s a real treat using the industrial sewing machine. It takes a little bit of getting used to and you have to be very careful when using it because it’s rpetty powerful…

corset mock-up

We sound up sewing channels for the boning with twill tape. Our plan for the actual corset was to cut the fabric a little wider and use the fabric itself to create the boning channels.

corset mock-up