NYC – Day 2

We got up early and picked up breakfast to go (from Pax whole foods) and walked down to Rockerfeller Center to wait in line to get standby tickets in the hopes that we could be in the audience for a taping of the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show. Thank goodness I’d brought some knitting – it made the wait seem very short!

Waiting to get Standby Tickets to the Jimmy Fallon Show at Rockerfeller Center…

Started a pair of self-striping socks. Thought they’d be a great project while traveling.

At the Redeye Grill with Kizzy (photo courtesy of Kizzy)

After we got our standby tickets, we headed to Grand Central Station to check it out and then do some more shopping (where I found a great dress at Anne Klein!) and we stopped into Saks 5th Avenue where the ladies at the Lancome counter gave us free makeovers.

Grand Central Station

The Interior of Grand Central Station

We had enough time to stop back at the hotel and get changed before heading back to the Rockerfeller Center, where we stood in a further series of lines in order to get in to be part of the audience for the show. It was SO worth it. The show was great – and as an added bonus, Heart was the musical guest and they sang Barracuda! Also, Jimmy Fallon ran up and high-fived us, which was pretty cool.We decided to eat at the Redeye Grill where we were royally treated. The food was delicious, and the black current & cabernet sorbet was an amazing dessert!

At the Redeye Grill with Kizzy (photo courtesy of Kizzy)