NYC – Day 1

Kizzy & I arrived early in the morning (after an early flight from Bangor) and once we dropped our luggage at our hotel, we started walking. We window-shopped 5th Avenue down to the Library and popped in to take a quick tour. If you ever make it to NYC, it’s worth taking a few minutes to explore the beauty of the library.

NYC Public Library: Reading Room on the 3rd floor

We also breifly checked out St. Patrick’s Cathedral before continuing down 5th Avenue to the Empire State Building. By that point, I was getting massive blisters from the shoes I was wearing, so we started looking for some flip-flops for me. After a fair amount of shopping, we finally found some at Macy’s. $13 for a pair of discounted yet fancy Nine West wedge flip-flops. After that, we had a quick & delicious lunch at the café in the basement of Macy’s (mmm… delicious turkey burger!) and then walked back up through Times Square, stopped at a wine shop, and returned to our hotel for a wee break. We treated ourselves to some champage in our room and then headed to the rooftop pool to cool off. It was 37ºC so the pool was a refreshing treat! (I checked it out and we’d walked 48 blocks that day!)

Photo courtesy of Kizzy Kaye

That was a much needed refreshing break before heading back out. We treated ourselves to a couple of cocktails in the hotel lounge and then went to see The 39 Steps, which was just amazing! Smart, funny, and well-choreographed. The play is a parody based on the Alfred Hitchcock film and the four actors play about 140 characters. If you ever get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it!