Steampunk Costume: Hoop Cage, Part 2

Brenda and I found a couple of hours on Saturday morning to continue working on the hoop cage. When I arrived at her place, she’d already taken the time to adjust things so that they hung better, and she marked and numbered everything (vertical strips top edge, strip number, and it has been pinned where the hoop will fit. and marks on the hops for each vertical strip.)

Brenda had a great idea to back the vertical silver grosgrain ribbons with a wider black ribbon…

While she put those together (leaving room for each hoop to slip through) and also covered the waistband, I got to work on the hoop casings. To begin the casings, I needed to join two long pieces of fabric at an angle. If I had just done a seam straight across, this would create a lot of bulk on the inside when I get turned and it could be pretty difficult to pass the hoop through it.

Once the pieces were sewn and pressed, it was time to sew them. The hoops that we have are 5/8″ wide so I needed to make sure that each casing had a bit of extra room.

We noticed that the fabric was fraying a bit so we took the time to serge the edges. This was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to use a serger and after a quick tutorial from Brenda, I was off to the races with it. She was right when she said I’d fall in love with it right away! The edges are so neat & tidy!!

Once that was done, I managed to get one of the casings turned, put the hoop in and pressed it. The next time we meet to work on this, we are hoping to be able to finish this portion of the costume. We have great plans for pop rivets and washers!!