Steampunk Costume Fabric

Brenda and I made a trip to Fabricville yesterday where we found some lovely fabrics for our costume. From top to bottom, the fabrics are as follows…

  • The top silver with black striped organza (0.5m of Iowa 53760) is for the airship that will be on top of the top hat.
  • The purple fabric (1m of Stapleton 64740) will be for the corset and will be underneath a black lace.
  • The purple and black fabric (5m of Stapleton 64740) is for the skirt.
  • The pewtery-striped fabric (1m of Liverpool 65040) will be for covering the hoops for the hoop skirt.
  • The grey-green fabric (1m of Velveteen 44525) is for the gauntlets and knee-high spats (and possibly a band on the top hat).
  • We found some great 18 mm buttons (Elan 15 2055 Y) which we will use on the spats and gauntlets.