Weekend of Pickling & Canning

Friday night rehearsal, Saturday errands/groceries and then the cooking began. I wound up picking up 500 ml canning jars. Next time I do this, I’ll do smaller jars. Ah well, it was my first try at all this.

I made 3 jars of pickled beets using this recipe from the Food Network. Didn’t exactly soak the tarragon in the wine for more than a couple of hours (they recommend 3 days) but whatever.

I made 1 jar of ginger-rhubarb-date chutney using a recipe that Andrea Cunningham passed on to me, and a big thanks to Jay & Lisa for the 3 cups of rhubarb from their back yard.

I made 4 jars of ginger-apple-date chutney using this recipe from BBC Food. Lots of peeling & chopping for that one.

Jay & Lisa stopped over and hung out for a bit on Saturday evening and kept me company while I chopped and stirred the chutneys and sterilized jars. I also introduced Lisa to Top Secret, since she hadn’t seen it before.

Sunday started early as Mare and I headed out to her parents house, where Mare and her mom helped me make pickled beets. After that, and after lunch, Mare and I ran a few errands and then I popped home to work on making the chow chow that I’d started on Saturday. I barely got things started when it was time to head out to Mare’s for a tasty venison dinner with the Millers. Gave Jay his b-day gift so he could enjoy it during his birthday week. We watched the first episode of Band of Brothers and then I headed off to the SJTC for a rehearsal for Jekyll & Hyde. When I got home from this, I finished making and canning the chow chow. I think it’s a bit too liquid-y but frankly, I never eat the stuff so I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be like, and the recipe I got didn’t have measurements. (My bad for not looking another recipe up online.)

Before you ask and if you’ve bothered to read this – yes all of the jars are spoken for.

Oh yes, I also finished another one of the 5 handmade gifts that I’d promised to make for a friend within the calendar year. Four down, one to go.