Weekend #2 of The New Year

I started off on the right foot, catching up with Jay & Lisa over a beer, and then I spent the remainder of my Friday evening running errands and cleaning my apartment. I know it may not sound all that exciting, but I was pleased with how much I managed to get done in one evening. I had hoped I’d have time to watch a little BSG before bed, but I didn’t.

Saturday – up early and off to sketch the mural. The scaffolding is way more comfortable to work on than a ladder. Once I finished the sketch, I had time to quickly catch up with Colin at the market, then grab a coffee and head to rehearsal. After rehearsal, I popped home to feed the cats and then headed out to Jay & Lisa’s for a lovely roast supper. I stuck around to watch Galaxy Quest which I had never seen before. It was awfully cute! I was pretty tired from a full day, so I headed home straight after the movie.

Sunday was a pretty full day of mural painting followed by a quick power-nap and then a production meeting and a rehearsal. I was beat when I got home at 10PM, but I stayed up anyway to finish watching season 3 of BSG.