A Busy Start to December

I‘ve been spending the bulk of my time working on making Christmas gifts. I’d love to post photos of the things I’m working on, but then the surprise would be gone for those getting the gifts.

I did take some time last week to set up my tree & mantle village. It now looks pleasantly festive in my living room, and it creates a relaxing atmosphere, except when the cats are launching themselves from the top of the art supply cabinet onto the tree.

And then last week, I decided I needed a night off – to totally relax and do a little gaming… so I picked up Fable 2 and Fallout 3. I actually tried to start playing Fallout 3 but the text was too small/fuzzy on my TV to read and I couldn’t figure out what any of it read. Sigh. At least I’d picked up Fable 2, which has proved to be so much better than the first one – I’m really enjoying it! And I’m also playing it quite a bit, which means I have less time for gift-making….

The mural I was asked to do for a local pub will get done in the new year. I’m glad the owners like the mockups. It’ll be a lot of work , but it should be fun to do, and I’ll appreciate the extra income.

Work is super-busy. My days are flying by as I count down to Christmas vacation.