Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Thanks so much to everyone for an awesome birthday and Thanksgiving weekend!! I hope you all had enjoyable Thanksgivings!

Friday evening after doing makeup for SJ Shakepeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well” I ran into Scott & Mare and caught up with them over a drink at Churchills (Thanks again for the awesome “So many shoes, so little time” pillow!)and Jay & Lisa joined us soon enough (and thanks to them for the FutureShop gift cert – to go towards the TV that I’m trying to save for). After that Jay & Lisa stopped in for a bit and we were all in a pretty mellow place. We wound up watching “Dorkness Rising” which was frikkin hilarious (although it might not be appreciated if you have never played a role-playing game).

Saturday I caught up with Keith and Dan over breakfast at Cora’s (Thanks Keith for the gift cert to FutuShop!!) and then spent the day running errands and then did makeup once again for the SJ Shakespeare show. Then I headed out to meet Kizzy and Emily and Kristi for a few drinks at Sebastian’s. Stephen and Brian D stopped in and Anthony popped by as well. I was feeling extra chatty (possibly due to the martini’s) and I had a great time. After that I made it to the Shakespeare cast party and wound up enjoying the company and staying out quite late.

Sunday I slept in (a rarity) and ran a few more errands. I headed over to Jay & Lisa’s for an awesome Thanksgiving roast (and amazing home-made apple pie) and ate too much, as one might expect to do with an amazing Thanksgiving meal. After that, I headeed over to Keith’s to catch up with him and catch up on Entourage episodes. After that, we watched “Run Fatboy Run” and a couple of episodes of Californication. I got a lot done one the orange cashmerino scarf that I’m knitting and I’m now 1/2 way done it.

Monday afternoon and early evening I headed out to Jay and Lisa’s for a long overdue session of D&D. We wrapped up a major campaign and are ready to move on from there. We pit-stopped for dinner (I brought the stuff to make a couple of chicken sun-dried tomatoe and black olive pizzas (using goats milk mozzerella) and I was home by 9:30 PM – just in time to watch How I Met Your Mother, followed by Heroes, and then Project Runway.

What a great long weekend!!