The Quiet Weekend

Friday night was a fun start to the weekend. After a tough massage therapy session, I stopped home to change and then headed to the Somerset Pub for Karaoke with Kizzy et al. It has been a long time since I’d done karaoke and it was a lot of fun. Keith wanted to keep partying after we left, but I was just beat (as I usually am by Fridays) so I headed home and called it a night.

Saturday I was up nice and early to attend Free RPG Day and play a one-off of the new Castlemourn game that Jay M was running. My character was a bard who’d pull out her rusty copper whistle each time a battle started. It was a much more effective Bard than in the D&D realms.

After that, Jay & Lisa and I stopped in at the Market to enjoy some samosas, and then I headed home for a power nap. Keith and I decided to hit the gym for a bit and then I spent the remainder of the evening at Keith’s place. We hung out and watched Shrek 3 (on demand). I think we were both glad we didn’t pay money to see it. It just felt so forced and recycled.

I must have been tired, as I TOTALLY slept in on Sunday morning, and I rarely sleep in past 9 on weekends. Keith and I opted to grab lunch at Churchills and then I headed homme to try to plough through my book club book. I didn’t leave myself enough time. I really should have started it earlier inthe week, or maybe given up my Saturday night and set my alarm Sunday morning. I managed to get half-way through it before book club. I wasn’t sure about Finn Mac Cool for the first couple of chapters, but the book started to grow on me, and now I want to finish it and find out what happens to him. It’s an Irish folk tale.

So yeah, book club was last night. It was lots of fun and nice to see everyone who made it. Lots of great food (left over diary-free chocolate cake for breakfast this morning – yum!) and good conversation.