Hiking Weekend #2

Friday evening I wound up going out for a drink with keith and Ryan before heading to Church Street to meet up with Mare and Scott for a drink. From there, Keith and Ryan and I headed to Sebastian’s for a bit and then back to my place for a bit. I think I like the idea of fancy martini’s better than I actually enjoy them. Gin & tonic, on the other hand, often lives up to the anticipation. It’s a cool and refreshing summery drink.

Saturday was full. All I wanted to do was clean out some stuff in my apartment. And then relax. But that’s not how the day unfolded. Kieth and I had brekfast at Cora’s (catching Dan on his way out) and then headed to the vortex (McAllister Shopping Mall & environs) to pick up a few things. That took a fair while, and by the time we did that and I picked up my groceries and got home, it was already about 4:00. I got my groceries away and Keith and I stopped out to meet Doug and Colleen for a few minutes. Then I was able to get back to cleaning. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, which had gotten rather disorganized over time. It felt good to have room to put things again. And then I got started cleaning my apartment. I’d been meaning to give it a thorough cleaning for a few days but I just didn’t have the energy. Keith headed home for supper and a run. By the time he stopped back in with Ryan at 10:45, I was just finishing up. (And that didn’t even include cleaning out the front hall closet and getting rid of some old clothing – both of which I intend to do at some point this week.) They hung out for a bit before heading around the block to the annual Horsefield Street Courtyard party. Once they left, I finally settled in and cracked open my new gmae for the xbox 360: Lego Indiana Jones. I played till 1 or so and then hiut the hay. Thanks to a combo of earplugs and being overtired, it wasn’t too difficult to fall asleep, despite the noise of the courtyard party going on right behind my building.

Sunday I got up bright and early to get ready to go hiking. I picked up Suzy and Brian B and Keith (who only got about 3 hours sleep but at least he wasn’t hung over!) and we headed to Fundy Trail to hike the start of the Funday Footpath. It was perfect weather – lightly overcast and about 13 degrees. We did a 3-hour hike and were all suitably tuckered by the time we were heading back to Saint John. thanks for coming along, guys!

When I got home, I enjoyed a nice long-hot shower and was planning to nap, but got sucked back into playing the Lego Indy game. It was nice to have a quiet evening in. I’d had my fill of being social this weekend and I just needed some down-time.