Tubing, Catch the Bug, and more

Friday I grabbed a nap after work and managed to get up in time to see Picnicface at Ahkord. The Improv Corp opened for them, which was a nice treat. They did really well, and Picnicface was good. I didn’t stick around for the improv after the show – I was pretty beat.

Saturday, Keith and I had a tasty home-made breakfast (yay for omelette’s) and I headed to Kizzy’s to help lay sod. I was a couple of hours later than I’d intended, and wound up arriving just as they were finishing up. Oops. Glad it went well for them at least. I then ran home and got stuff together to go tubing on the Hammond river with some friends. I picked up Keith and we headed out. It was kind of cool, but still really nice. The water was at a good level and there weren’t many bugs at all. A relaxing and scenic afternoon!

Tubing on the Hammond river

Tubing on the Hammond river

We headed back into town to shower and change and then tried to find a place to eat. Churchills was packed, and Montanna’s even more so (an hour’s wait for a table and purportedly another hour wait for food once you’ve been seated – puh-lease). We wound up dining at Swiss Chalet, which was tasty as usual. Then it was off to run a couple of errands and then head to Kizzy’s for Emily’s “Graducelebration” party. It was nice to catch up with friends and to see everyone having a good time. I was pretty beat, so I headed home at 10 PM.

Today I got up nice and early and got ready to head to Market Square to run the Catch The Bug 10k race. I met Sandra there and caught up with Al at the start line. It was cool out and the breeze was pretty chilly, but by the time I’d gotten about 10 minutes into the run and warmed up a bit, it was pretty welcome. The hills were tough and I started to peter out at about the 8 km point, but managed to keep going for the last 2 km. Turns out I ran a personal best! I managed to shave 3 minutes and 12 seconds off of my last 10 km run, and completed it in 1:05:58.

I headed home, took a nice long hot shower, returned a few calls, and then headed over to Sabine’s “Soccer Spectacular” to help cheer on Austria (who didn’t win, although they sure put in a good show). Then, tucked out, I came home for a much-needed nap. Keith and I are now watching Lost in Translation before we head out to see the late show. I’m finally going to check out the new Indy while Keith joins Scott M at his Cinema 3 screening. All-in-all it’s been a fun and full weekend!