Volunteering for ALR

Last night I spent a couple of hours volunteering for the Saint John Animal Rescue League. I manned the donation table that the Prince Edward Square Liquor Store and got a chance to enjoy some fresh air at the same time. I was happy to see that a lot of folks thought it was something worth donating to. I hope thier fundraising efforts go well for them.

I was getting a bit worried that the tops of my feet were starting to burn. I hadn’t brought any sunblock and the sun was pretty hot. Turns out my feet were just pink form the heat, and I how have an odd-shaped tan on the tops of them (thanks to my choice of fotwear). I’m glad I didn’t get a burn – it would have made for a difficult run on Sunday. I’ll be participating in Catch the Bug that morning. It’s a pretty hilly course which will no doubt slow me down quite a bit, but at least I’ll have gone out for a nice long run AND I’ll get a cool shirt! :-)