The Week Rolls On…

Monday I tried to devote some time to a mockup for a mural. I managed to clean my apartment, and did a great job procrastinating. I’m just not feeling inspired by it at the moment.

Tueday I’d considered going to see the new Indy film with Jay & Lisa, but when Colleen called and suggested an outing to celebrate Jamie’s birthday with Kizzy & friends, I opted to do that. It was a nice night out, even though I was feeling financial stress and was a wee bit tuckered.

Last night I went for a nice run at the Irving Nature Park with Mare and Scott. I felt super-enrgized from it and that carried me through a late evening. Keith and I went to see the late show of Prince Caspian. We both really enjoyed it. But by the time the movie let out and I drove Keith home and parked by Queen Street and walked home, it was getting close to 1 AM.