Is it really June already??

Friday was a super-busy day at work. It felt great to get a lot done, but I was pretty wiped by the end of the day. (Of course, I’m usually a little tuckered by the end ofthe work week.) I caught up with Jay & Lisa M over dinner and drinks at Churchills. Jason and Kizzy came along and joined us too, so it was a nice social outing. After that, I stopped home to feed my cats and then headed out to Brunswick Square. I caught up with Sabine for a bit when I popped in to say hi to her at her new job at the knitting store, Cricket Cove. After that, I caught up with Kristi and Heather and Sabine for a beverage at Mexi’s. We were all pretty tuckered, so I was home around 10 and hit the hay soon after.

Saturday I caught up with Keith over breakfast at Cora’s, then headed out to Hakim Optical to get my second pair of glasses that finally came in (they are funky black and white with a few rhinestones.) I spent a bit of time trying to find a lamp for my desk at work (to no avail) and then went and got groceries. I’d intended to do some work on the mural mockup but the day got away from me. Also I was really tired. I’m actually trying to remember what I did Saturday evening but I don’t think I did much. Oh right – it was pouring rain – and my allergies were through the roof. I stayed in. Keith came over for a bit before work and we did go out for dinner at Jungle Jim’s, and then went back to my place and watched a couple of episodes of Entourage (I’m about halfway through the last season.) After he left, I watched a couple of episodes of Season 4 of Nip/Tuck and then called it a night.

Sunday morning I’d intended to go hiking, but with the amount of rain that came down Saturday and Saturday night, I chose to cancel it. I didn’t want to have to slog through slippery rocks and muddy everything else. Instead, I slept in a bit and then went for a run on the road at INP (Irving Nature Park). I had just enough time after my run to wash and ddry my hair before picking up Sabine and Colleen and heading out East to see the new Sex and the City movie, which was actually quite good. I think we all got a little teary. It was worth seeing for the outfits alone. :-) After the movie, I settled in to work on the mural design, but wound up procrastinating and puttering around instead. Sigh. Now I have to work on it tonight.