What is the first thing you think of when you see the word…

.. snow? White.
.. rain? Wet.
.. tornado? I think of the twisters I have seen. Scary.
.. summer love? Grease – the movie. Yeah, that’s right.
.. Jon? Crowe – a friend from high school.
.. Mike? D. – I enjoyed his blog about his adventures in NZ.
.. Shea? Lori – my cousin.
.. banana? Potassium.
.. dizzy? Being spun a whole bunch of times in a row while dancing Salsa.
.. Laura? Wolfe – who shared my birthday. I wonder how she is….
.. Juan? The Hurricaine.
.. car? My car, and the fact that my lease will be up in a few short months.
.. white? Aa blank canvass. (Where to start?)
.. peppermint? Not a fan. I prefer Spearmint.
.. New Found Glory? Is that some American catch phrase or something?
.. placebo? Meds.
.. orange juice? Acidic.
.. candid camera? Generally not funny – too embarassing for my tastes.
.. sister? Lots of people have them.
.. brother? Lots of people have them.
.. hate? Sad.
.. school? Done.
.. President? Who’s next?
.. football? Soccer!
.. rap? Meh.
.. pop? Cute.
.. rock? Energy.
.. punk? Fun.
.. sex? Enjoyable.
.. death? Inevitable.
.. baby? “Gurgle.”
.. duuude? Pardon?
.. the end? Of this post – for now.