A Slacker’s Update

I‘m slack at updateing because I’ve been too busy to get to it. My weekend was filled with errands and a rush to try and finish reading “Pillars of the Earth” (by Ken Follett) before book club Sunday evening. I almost finished. I had about 200 pages left to read. I was actually hoping to finish it by today but once again, I have not had the time or energy. (You see, Oprah is featuring it on her book club and they have Ken Follett on the show today, so I want to watch it.)

I also did a bit more mural work at O’Leary’s – there is now a celtic saying above the flag. It means “a hundred thousand welcomes”. More ladder work but it only took me 5 hours so I wasn’t nearly as sore as I was last week from spending so much time on a ladder.

I’ve also started the set design for “Tuesday’s With Morrie”. It should be pretty simple