The Vet Visit

My cats just went in for their annual check-up. Good timing too, as Hunter has recently been making many trips to the litterbox without really doing much. Poor thing. He’s currently sequestered in the living room with a special litter so I can collect a sample of his urine and bring it back to the vet. Terribly exciting times, I know. At any rate, he may be getting a bit of a diet adjustment if they find crystals in his urine. As it is, H&G are on a new diet of twice daily feedings with no dry food left out. It’ll be nice to see Hunter slim down to a healthier size.

After the vet visit, I spend the remainder of the evening finally finishing the “spring cleaning” of my living room. That means tonight I can mop the floors and then pull out the Christmas decorations and start getting set up – aww yeah!

Well, it turns out that Hunter has a urinary tract infection and is prone to them. He has some antibiotics to take over the next couple of weeks and he now has a new diet of special food. I’m glad it’s something that’s manageable, and I’m glad he’ll be ok.