Yet Another Weekend That Flew By

Friday evening I stopped out at the Blue Olive to cheer Kizzy on. It was pretty quiet in there. I’m guessing it’s the calm before the storm of the pre-holiday season.

Saturday I finally had a chance to clean my place. I’d been so busy last week that it all piled up and was starting to bug me. Man, it felt good to clean. Not to mention the fact that I enjoyed being a bit of a hermit and staying in and puttering and cleaning. Well, staying in until 6 PM, when I headed over to the Imperial for another night of makeup for Tosca. I watched the show from backstage and it was fantastic. It’s so inspiring to see people with that much talent, including all of the local folks who were in the cast. Wow – what a show!!!

Sunday I headed over to a production meeting for Dracula. It went long, as it was the first one I went to. I’ll be heading up the costumes for it. Unfortunately, I forgot all about the screening of “My Immortality” from 2 – 4 that was happening for the Continental Drift Film Festival. That was the short film by Richard MacQueen that I did with Alex. I hope it went well and I hope I get to see it sometime. I did, however, get some groceries (terribly exciting, non?) and then headed out to Jay & Lisa M’s for a bit.