Opera Week: La Traviata

I like to be prepared and organized. I get stressed out if I’m not, so the week started of with a bit of a stressful start as I got the opera makeup kit pretty much right before the tech dress rehearsal. I had about half of what I needed to work with and wound up putting in an order and doing a bit of shopping on Tuesday. Also, by Tuesday, I had even more help (thanks to a great crew of gals) and more supplies to work with so things went a lot more smoothly.

Tonight was a night off before the opening night, and I worked a bit late and was about to head out to pick up a few last supplies for the show when Colleen called and wanted to know if I was up for meeting up with her and Doug for a quick drink. It was great to catch up with them! After that, it was off to run my errands.

I’m watching the new Bionic Woman on TV at the moment and it’s not too bad, if perhaps a little mellowdramatic. I think it’ll be an early night….