September 2011

Mouse Graveyard

As I was doing my dishes, and putting things away, one of my pizza pans slipped past the drawer under the stove. I pulled it out to discover the resting place of many cat toys…

Hazen-White/St. Francis Elementary School Library Murals

Through Innovatia (yes I have a day job and this is where I work as a Graphic Designer) I was fortunate to be able to work on this fun and fulfilling volunteer project. The company donated over 800 hours of volunteer time to re-do the library, from book drives, to re-cataloging the books, to stripping and sanding and repainting the bookshelves and repainting the walls, and finally a finishing touch of some mural work.





The large open book is actually a corkboard.




Grace’s turn to be adorable

I love heading home to visit my cats at lunch! They appreciate the company and it actually makes them more affectionate in the evenings. Grace will usually get up to greet me at the door, while Hunter just waits for me to find him in a patch of sunlight. He loves recharging his solar batteries. Here is Grace saying hello:

Grace Arbour

HWSF Library Mural Sneak Peek

Through work, I’ve spent a large amount of my time over the past month working on a very fun project. The company that I work for (Innovatia) has chosen to spend their charitable efforts updating a library in a local elementary school. This was a very dreary room before teams of folks repainted the walls, painted the bookshelves and updated and added to the book collection. They asked me if I could do a bit of mural work there and I had a lot of fun working on it. The grand opening is Thursday the 22nd and I can’t wait to be able to share more of this project after that. In the mean time, here is a peek at a small part of a very large project…

Mr. Rabbit

Canned Beets

Whew – why do I seem to forget how much work canning is? I really hope they turn out. This year I decided to try out Canadian Living’s recipe for spiced beets:

From the sink…

To mason jars…

Steampunk Costume: Bolero Update

Bit by bit, it’s starting to come to life… still much more to be done. While Brenda sewed the body of the bolero together. We’ve now for some strapping and buckles, the box-pleating along the edge, and piping next to it. I’m quite pleased at how well it’s coming together. We still have more details to add including another layer of ribbon detail next to the piping, and some strapping at the shoulders (which will have to go on as we put the sleeves on). I’m quite please at how the shape on the back turned out but I don’t have a photo of that yet. This will have to to:


I also started to figure out the shape of the cuffs – which will be multi-layered…

Steampunk Costume: Starting the Spats

Before anything, Brenda and I needed to mock up a pattern for the spats. We’ve used some old fabric and have settled on a basic shape (which took a couple of tries to get to). The spats will be made out of a musty gray-green flocked material and we have some great buttons for them.

Steampunk Costume: The Bolero

Brenda and I totally lucked out by finding some great fabric on sale at Fabricville for a mere dollar/meter. My goal was “awesome lining” as I’m a total sucker for that sort of thing. I had worked out a concept sketch of the bolero earlier the other week and Brenda taught me how to convert a concept into an actual pattern. She took on the tough job of adding the buckles etc to the main section while I got started on 420″ of box pleats (which, by the way, wound up taking a total of 7 hours to complete, but was totally worth it!)

The Basil Thief

I spent some time over the weekend weeding my garden plot (and the paths around it). I still have a few things that need harvesting. Unfortunately one of the things that I regularly stop in for has disappeared. Earlier this week, I popped by to get 5 leaves from each of my two basil plants (one green and one purple) and they had been dug up. Perfect holes with spade marks were left in their place. So frustrating – why would someone do that?

Anyway – the garden is looking better once again now that it’s been weeded…

Later this week, I got in to work to find this lovely container with basil and parsley at my desk, thanks to my co-worker Jane. What a thoughtful surprise! You totally rock, Jane! I’ve decided to keep it at the office so I can enjoy it’s smell. When I want a little bit of basil, I just take a few leaves home with me at the end of the work day.

Meeting Nicky Epstein

This morning I was happy to have the opportunity to meet the fabulous knitwear designer Nicky Epstein when she came to Saint John (as a stop on her cruise ship tour). She’s an inspiration to knitters all over the world!