August 2011

Steampunk Costume: Hat & Goggles

It’s a challenge to get a lot done when you can only get together for a few hours each week. Tonight we worked on the goggles and the hat and made a bit of progress with each. Here’s Brenda’s wonderful work on the hat:

As for the goggles, we’ve decided to go with the tops of spice cannisters, held together with screws and bolts and an L-bracket (with a bit of extra bend to it). We fashioned leather sides and straps to it. Next step will be to add some of the embellishments, but at least it’s a start that we are happy with…

Steampunk Costume: Top Hat

Since we needed to pick up some crin for the bottom of the skirt (before we hem it), we decided to start on the hat. Admittedly, Brenda and I are both pretty excited about this part of the costume and wanted to get it started. Brenda started by designing the brim while I worked on building the cage.


Steampunk Costume: The Skirt

We’ve opted to do a short bustle skirt. Here it is in progress. We still have to hem it, add some buckles and a handful of buttons (at the top). It will be shorter than the cage underneath it in order to let the cage show a bit (more so at the front)