June 2011

In Memory of Jamie Williams

Jamie would have turned 50 this year. As a celebration of his memory, Kizzy put together a Comedy Benefit show. It was a great evening – a lot of laughs and some great friends. Jamie would have loved it. Below is a photo that I snapped while we were setting this up – Kizzy is putting the finishing touches on Jamie’s memory wall, which featured his “Shakey Evidence” costume.

Baby Fox

After finishing our run this evening, Kathryn Ann & I met some folks who had rescued this baby fox over the winter…

Steampunk Costume: The Good Corset

It was akin to doing a logic puzzle. Brenda & I had made the necessary adjustments to the corset pattern and spent a good deal of time trying to fit all of the pieces onto the piece of coutil that we’d dyed. Once we got it cut out, it was time to start sewing things together. We put an order in to Farthingale’s for some spiral steel bones and a busk.

It’s as if I’d planned it

My gaming dice were well coordinated with my coffee…

The Staredown

Forget the TV. I require TREATS stat!