May 2011

Garden Plot 2011

This year I added some edging and mulch around my plot. The season was off to a late start due to our unsusally cold Spring.

Dyeing the Coutil

Coutil is a heavy & very tightly woven cotton that is used for making corsets. It’s fairly expensive, so Brenda suggested that she had a piece that we could use. Unfortunately it was white, and that would not suit the Steampunk costume at all. We picked up some black fabris dye and wound up with a lovely warm brownish gray…

The Fit of The Corset

Well our mockup has been very handy. By making it and trying it on, we have realized that we need to really re-work some of the pattern. We’re going to make the waist area smaller, and we’ll need to increase the room and height in the bust cups.

Goggles for The Steampunk Costume

I’m trying to make my own goggles. Attempt #1 is to use some crafting aluminum to build the frame. Not sure how well it’ll work but so far I’ve found that mason jar lids are too large, and I haven’t been able to find any appropriate plumbing fittings.