February 2011

Paris Mittens

I‘ve been wanting to make a pair of stranded mittens that were a bit more fitted than the typical Norwegian mittens. My goal was to come up with something that was a touch Victorian, with a few fun elements that I’d like to wear – picot edging, a travel theme, some fitted seaming. One day I’ll actually make it to Paris, but in the mean time, I can at least enjoy these…

If you are interested in purchasing this pattern ($6 CDN) you can get it here.

Autobahn – A Play That I’m Directing

Autobahn, written by Neil Labute, is a collection of seven one-act plays set within the confines of the front seat of a vehicle. Each of these seven vignettes explores the ethos of perception and relationships.



 A woman (who doesn’t say a word) driving her daughter home from rehab.
Cast: young woman, older woman

bench seat

  A make-out session gone awry.
Cast: guy and girl – he’s a university teaching assistant, while she works at WalMart, so early 20’s

all apologies

  A husband apologizing to his wife (who doesn’t say a word).
Cast: husband and wife


  A wife feels the need to explain her recent business trip infidelity to her husband.
Cast: husband and wife

long division

 A man trying to convince his friend to get his gaming console back from his ex-girlfriend. (the friend does not speak)
Cast: 2 men

road trip

 A kidnapping thinly disguised as a road trip.
Cast: 1 man, 1 young teen – male or female


 A couple that had been foster parents to a troubled kid. (The woman does all of the talking).
Cast: 1 man, 1 woman

More Yarn for The Stash

I stopped in to the Saint John City Market today and caught up With Elizabeth Miller, who has a craft table there on Saturdays. She sells her own dyed roving, hand spun yarns, and lovely hand-knit and woven pieces. I couldn’t resist this skein of baby alpaca, kid mohair & silk yarn… now to find a project for it!

Knee-high Snow

It’s all the rage. ;-)

Can’t wait for Spring.