August 2010

Completed Audrey Cardigan

Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston was a very enjoyable pattern to knit, and this yarn was lovely to work with and has a wonderful drape. It was a bit of a rush to try to complete it before my vacation but managed to get it done with a few hours to spare. I would make this pattern again, but next time, I’d make it longer.

Marco Polo – The Musical: Set Concept Painting

I‘ve been working on this over the past couple of weeks and I’m so glad to be done. It includes one 3/4 sized ship that holds 80 chorus members, the NB Youth Orchestra, acting areas, some props, actors, projections on the sails, 2 large video screens, and indications of the audience. (All at Harbour Station on October 23rd, 2010!)

The Farm Character Board

A coworker’s cousin (who is a fan of character boards) was getting married on a farm and so I was asked to help create a farm-theme board that included their dogs, a sunflower, & their cows. I spent an evening sketching out the concept and then 4 evenings at my coworker’s place painting the plywood. After this, they finished it on their own by cutting out the faces and cropping the top. I’m please with how it turned out – I think it’s a great idea for a wedding, and the characters still make me giggle – they are so cheesy!

Audry in Unst Cardigan – in progress

It’s been a busy summer and I’ve really been enjoying working on this cardigan in between things. I hope to get it done before my autumn vacation. As many people on Ravelry have commented, it’s a well-written pattern that is easy and fun to follow. I’m impressed with how quickly it’s knitting up. The yarn that I’m using is delicious. It’s called Mosco by Schulana and it’s a rayon/mohair mix that’s actually super-soft.

Daybreak Shawl (for the office)

I finished this a few weeks ago and have gotten a lot of use out of it already, but I hadn’t gotten around to getting a photo of it. The pattern is called Daybreak and it’s by Stephen West. I made the large size but I knit loosely and ran out of gray yarn on the border, so I wound up with a narrower border than the pattern called for though I’m happy with it as it is. :-)