May 2010

Floral Cardigan – in progress

I can’t wait to finish this so I can wear it! The pattern is from the Winter 1009/10 issue of Vogue Knitting and is by Josh Bennett. Since I have allergies to regular wool, I ordered some Merino from KnitPicks and I’ve chosen colors that I would wear more often. I’ve chosen to do the top portion as Fair Isle, but I am using intarsia for the centers of the flowers.

Entangled Stitches Gloves – part 1

I’ve been looking forward to starting these. The pattern can be found here.

Pottery Class: bird tumbler

Pottery Class: Green Mug

Green Mug

Green Mug 2

Green Mug 2

Pottery Class: tub bowl

Pottery Class: flower bowl

Pottery Class: small black bowl

The Necklace of Gaudiness (+2)

Brenda’s mom started this and I decorated it. It was for Scott Thomas’s character Roger (the very gay director) in SJTC’s “The Producers”. I tried to make it Scott-sized and as glittery and gaudy as possible. The “plus two” is a D&D reference – referring to extra dice rolls needed as a saving throw to ward against being stunned by the incredible gaudiness of it.

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers



Red On-hold Socks

I finally managed to finish these. They went up pretty quickly, even though I haven’t had too much time to work on them. I modified the pattern slightly to fit my skinny feet…

ON-hold Socks: Take 2

I‘d brought my partially finished socks in to show Trish at Cricket Cove and she offered to buy the yarn from me, and I would pick up a replacement skein. I found a great red Merino 2/6 by Fleece Artist and re-started the socks. I haven’t gotten much done though, due to large amounts of overtime, but I am back to regular work hours again so hopefully these won’t take too long to finish…