February 2010

Ravelympics Complete!

I spent the last couple if weeks trying to finish some unfinished knitting projects. I figured I may as well try to focus and complete these during the Olympics so I can move on to other things….

Finally – the Squirrel Smapler mittens are ALL DONE!!

I also finished this top that I’d started last August, but it totally grew when I blocked it lightly. Also the yarn itself is perfumed and it still stinks even after blocking. :-(

Set for Spring: Rubber Boots!

I‘m not sure why but I’d never gotten around to getting a pair of rubber boots for myself. Until Now.¬†Thanks to Joe Fresh clothing from Superstore. They were only $20 and they make me happy. Now I’m set for Spring!:-)

The Haircut

My hair was getting long. So long that it would get stuck between my back and a chair back, and it would be difficult to pull free when I put a coat on. Rogue strands would fly free and get caught in the car door as I shut it. It would fall in my face when I was doing yoga, despite being put into a low ponytail. It would even get caught in my armpits from time to time. Not to mention the fact that it was bloody hot to have on the back of the neck when running. So I knew I needed a trim. I decided that if I could get an 8″ ponytail cut from it, then I would take that much off and donate the ponytail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so that it could be used to make a wig for cancer patients. It was a good thing that I haven’t colored it in years.

The ponytail:

and the new cut (thanks to Lisa at Ang & Sal’s who always gives a great haircut!)