September 2009

Weekend of Pickling & Canning

Friday night rehearsal, Saturday errands/groceries and then the cooking began. I wound up picking up 500 ml canning jars. Next time I do this, I’ll do smaller jars. Ah well, it was my first try at all this.

I made 3 jars of pickled beets using this recipe from the Food Network. Didn’t exactly soak the tarragon in the wine for more than a couple of hours (they recommend 3 days) but whatever.

I made 1 jar of ginger-rhubarb-date chutney using a recipe that Andrea Cunningham passed on to me, and a big thanks to Jay & Lisa for the 3 cups of rhubarb from their back yard.

I made 4 jars of ginger-apple-date chutney using this recipe from BBC Food. Lots of peeling & chopping for that one.

Jay & Lisa stopped over and hung out for a bit on Saturday evening and kept me company while I chopped and stirred the chutneys and sterilized jars. I also introduced Lisa to Top Secret, since she hadn’t seen it before.

Sunday started early as Mare and I headed out to her parents house, where Mare and her mom helped me make pickled beets. After that, and after lunch, Mare and I ran a few errands and then I popped home to work on making the chow chow that I’d started on Saturday. I barely got things started when it was time to head out to Mare’s for a tasty venison dinner with the Millers. Gave Jay his b-day gift so he could enjoy it during his birthday week. We watched the first episode of Band of Brothers and then I headed off to the SJTC for a rehearsal for Jekyll & Hyde. When I got home from this, I finished making and canning the chow chow. I think it’s a bit too liquid-y but frankly, I never eat the stuff so I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be like, and the recipe I got didn’t have measurements. (My bad for not looking another recipe up online.)

Before you ask and if you’ve bothered to read this – yes all of the jars are spoken for.

Oh yes, I also finished another one of the 5 handmade gifts that I’d promised to make for a friend within the calendar year. Four down, one to go.

Work/Rehearse/Knit/Sleep. Repeat.

Rehearsals for Jekyll & Hyde have started, and they have started with a bang. We actually have a limited amount fo time and it’s a fairly complex script. The way the play is structured, there is one actor who plays Jekyll and one who plays Elizabeth, and then there are four other actors who share the remaining 18 parts. These other four actors also each play a version of Hyde. I really like the script and can’t wait to see this show come together!

Earlier this year I’d promised 5 friends on Facebook (the first 5 that responded to a note I posted) that I’d make something handmade for them within the calendar year. I’ve finished and sent 3 of the items (a cowl for Mare, pink beret for Andrea Cry, and Koolhaas hat for Vince, and I have two more gifts left to do. I’d started a neat purple hat for one of them but it’s just not working out, so i’m going to make another cowl instead.

I’m also trying to finish a couple of paintings that I’d promised as 2008 Christmas gifts for Jay & Lisa Miller. They are taking to much longer than I’d hoped, but at least I’m working on them fairly regularly.

So, things are busy but at least I’m getting stuff done.

Koolhaas Hat Gift for Vince

Picked up the pattern for the beautiful Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood and and some Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed in the color “brindle” and made it for my friend Vince…

Aunt Jessie’s Entrelac Wrap

Finally finished & sent! Aunt Jessie will be receiving this soon. I’d wanted to try entrelac, and since she had mentioned that it would be nice to have a wrap to keep her warm on chilly days at the office, I went on the hunt for some yarn that would be suitable. Sure enough, the Estelle Cadenza would be nice and warm with 80% merino wool and 20% silk, and the colors were nice vibrant jewel tones that just begged to be made for Jessie. Of course, it’s fingering weight yarn, so it took something like 1500 yards of yarn and about 120 hours of knitting (over a number of months) but I finally managed to complete it!

Mare’s “Simon Cowl”

I promised 5 friends this year that I would make them a hand-crafted item within the calendar year. It worked out just so that I was able to give Mare her item for her birthday recently. It’s going to be nice and warm for her on chilly winter days, as the Mirasol Sulka yarn is a blend of wool, silk and alpaca.