November 2008

A Trip to Fredericton and Completed Blue Mittens

In lieu of heading to Halifax for the weekend, I took a day trip to Fredericton with Jay and Lisa. I found some great “treasures” while shopping, including some knitting books, a few skeins of yarn, a couple of tops and a fabulous soft and warm throw. We had dinner with their folks before heading back to Saint John. that made for a fun day.

After being out and about for most of the day on Saturday, I opted to stay in for the remainder of the weekend, and managed to finish knitting Graham’s mittens. I hope they fit him.


Was going to head to Halifax this weekend with Jay & Lisa but the forecast has changed and the weather looks terrible for travelling. More time for working on Christmas gifts, I guess.


Funny that I’ve recently gotten back to knitting, and it has seen quite a resurgence at any rate… anyhow, here’s what Starbucks has for Christmas ornaments this year: balls of yarn.

The warm yet rainy & windy weekend

Had a tasty breakfast and caught up with Keith and Dan L on saturday morning, switched my tickets to see Chicago from the Saturday evening show to the Wednesday evening show, picked up a ticket to see The Vinyl Cafe at the Imperial in February, enjoyed a fun afternoon trip with Mare to the Cricket Cove in Black’s Harbour (where I found some perfect yarn to make a scarf for dad for Christmas),then we headed East to get fancy coffees at Starbucks. Picked up green thai curry from the Thai Hut and rented Becoming Jane and Across the Universe. I settled in for the evening and got started on Christmas gifts.

Sunday was more crafting of gifts (it’s torture not to be able to talk about what I’m working on or show pictures) and I went to the early matinee to see the new Bond film, which I enjoyed. After that I got some groceries and then rushed home to get back to work on things. I’ve been watching the making of the Lord of the Rings Appendices as background stuff. Talk about inspiring!!

Finally finished the dress

I‘d started this in September and then had to bring my sewing machine in to get fixed. Since then, I’ve been distracted with knitting projects. I finally pulled the sewing machine back out tonight (and boy does it ever run smoothly now!!) and finished the dress that I’d started. The pattern is a Hilary Duff pattern from McCalls and I’ve modified it a bit – adding about 6 inches to the bottom of it so it’s a decent length for the office. The front is pleated. It’s pretty comfy. I’m looking forward to wearing it, although it’s been chilly enough at the office lately that I’ll probably need a sweater.

Quiet Long Weekend with Mom

We had a lovely long weekend and I finished my cream mittens and started a pair of blue ones…

Over the course of our 4-day weekend, we watched A Prairie Home Companion, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Being Julia, Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly), Season One of How I Met Your Mother, and Layer Cake, as well as a bit of HGTV….

We also listened to some podcasts of CBC Radio’s The Vinyl Cafe, we spent 3 hours in the Cricket Cove (yarn shop) in Black’s Harbour, visited St. Andrew’s and had a lovely lunch, made it out to Michael’s craft store and Fabricville, got fancy coffees, pereused the knitting section at Indigo books, had pad thai, made pizzas and had Jay & Lisa over for dinner, and generally just relaxed. It was an ideal “girl’s weekend”.


Made a fun beret this week…

and should be done my mittens by the end of the week…

All Sorts of Excitement

Not really. Things have been pretty quiet, which I’ve been enjoying. I finally finished one mitten and started the second. I’m hoping to get that done before the weekend. And of course I need to make time to read our next pick for book club, “Marley and Me.” It looks cute and not too long. If only I could read AND knit….

I saw Passchendaele last week and didn’t really enjoy it. The more I thought about it, the less I liked it. It just seemed like a mellow dramatic play, not a feature film. The story was so-so, the acting seemed a bit stilted and I just didn’t believe most of the characters, although I thought the costuming and locations were well-done. I really wanted to like this movie. Sigh.

It was nice to stop out to Scott & Alison’s Halloween party. Unfortunately by the time Friday rolls around I’m usually pretty tuckered. Last week, for some reason, I was absolutely exhausted for the entire week, even going to bed a few hours early a couple of nights in a row. So by Friday, I’d worn my “Faye Wray from King Kong” Halloween costume to the office, and I just wanted to be comfortable so I switched costumes and pulled out my red & blue “Arwen from Lord of the Rings” dress that I’d made two or three years ago and I wore that. (It’s super comfortable and somewhat warm.) It was nice to see everyone and see their costumes.

I’m looking forward my mom coming up and visiting next weekend. And since I’m taking next Monday off, I’m looking forward to the fact that it is a long weekend.